Wednesday Wish: Budapest, Hungary

We’ve shared some happening festivals that take place around the world this month.  Our “Wednesday Wish” is to be whisked away to Budapest to partake in the 22nd Budapest International Wine Festival, which commences today.  From humble beginnings to the most prestigious wine festival in all of Hungary, this attraction is much more than fermented grapes.  It fuses Hungarian traditions with modern entertainment, tastes of European foods – there’s a special competition dedicated to cheese – and a Wine University that imparts wisdom to those thirsty for perfecting their wine experiences .  Last year, over tens of thousands of sommeliers attended.  This year, even more will gather at the Buda Castle and sip in the streets (including us ;-)).  Great day to be in Eastern Europe.

Buda Castle

Photo from Four Seasons Magazine


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Corks, corks, and more corks!

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Tokaji, Hungarian Wine

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Live Jazz

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Hungarian Folklore DancingPhoto from


Wednesday Wish: Bora Bora


Wednesdays are becoming my new favorite weekday.  This week’s stop is Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

First thing’s first.  The date would be inclusive of their annual Heiva Festival.  Looking at a clip from this year’s Heiva, the answer is simple.

And since those little outfits are too cute, I’d have to find one.

….along with some Polynesian-style art.

Instead of eating everything off of a green leaf, like in Bali, pass the coconut!

And I would lay my head down every night (or early morning) at Le Meridian Resort, smack dab on the water!

^^backyard pool^^ 😉