Jewelry Week: Great Gatsby & Tiffany & Co.

      The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite reads in high school.  There’s a possibility I should have been a 20’s baby – just sayin’.  With the release of the Gatsby film, the throwback theme is ever-present and perfect for us that adore its upscale sophistication.  What makes it such a distinctive era is, yes, the jewels.  Diamonds and pearls.  Feathers and tassels.  Headpieces and blinged brooches.  There has not been another decade like it.  Australian costume designer, Catherine Martin, was able to translate the feel of the age of the flapper to the big screen.  The movie’s collection of intricate pieces, provided by Tiffany & Co., can be considered another Gatsby character.

Below, Catherine Martin tells the story of key jewelry selections for the film.


So, as we see ladies wearing more of these:

And these:

We’ll think of them:



Flashback Friday: Kentucky Derby Fashion

     The year is 1955.  Kentucky’s event of the year is going down, The Run for the Roses.  Men place their bets, jockeys prep their ponies and women are in chic suspense at Churchill Downs.  Today, the importance of fashion vs. the race itself is about 50/50.  But 58 years ago, the focus on the winning horse tipped the scale.  Women came a little less glamorous, yet still very fashionable.  With more horse racing at the 138th annual Preakness Stakes just a day away, we anticipate more dainty and dapper wear from spectators.  Some glam, some casual, some glam-cas .  First here’s a quick trip back to how the Derby once was done.

The Tea Length Dress Crew

Derby Day 1955       Derby Day2 1955

The Cat Eye Crew

Derby Cat EyesDerby Rainy Day

The “My horse just won!” Top Hat Crew

Derby CheerDerby Diamond Jim Moran

Most trends have cycled back.  But notice, none of the ladies are sporting deluxe wide-brimmed hats.  That trend came around in the 60’s, when attire became less stringent and television became more prevalent – a recipe for women to put on a show 😉

Check out her hat, pearls, fur and gloves.  Camera ready!

Middle photos provided by