Budweiser Made in America Day 1

Speaking of festivals, of course we had to attend one of Philly’s biggest music fests of the summer: Made in America.  Here’s a quick recap of Day 1.

Made In AmericaWelcome Sign

O Bud



Her leggings were made for the festival.

Budweiser Theme Pans

Close-up (Budweiser logo).
J's ChainzLive stand-in for 2 Chainz.
Boombox Chain

One of my favorite necklaces.  A must for the day.


Fans waiting for Beyoncé. Notice the B-Side shirt.

Bey Bodied

There she goes! Blazing the stage 🙂

More coming soon 😉

Semana de Moda en las Calles: Street Gazer

Como seguimos por el viaje de nuestros blogs favoritos, paramos con el bloguero Filadelfiano, Reuben “Big Rube” Harley.  Él es un estilista de moda y chef al día y un bloguero de moda en las calles fenomenal durante su tiempo libre.  Su blog, streetgazing.com, le permite compartir dos de sus pasiones: la moda y fotografia. Siempre hay una variedad de estilos.
Un día, localiza a alguién llevando un vestido maxi elegante:
Estilo de Afro:
Estilo de Patineta:
Gorras del Verano:
Pantalones Cortes de Hombres:
Y mucho más.  Todo el mirando fijamente que haces vale la pena, Big Rube!  Muchísimas gracias y estamos en espera de más estilos elegantes!  Muah 🙂
Las fotos son de www.streetgazing.com

Street Style Week: Street Gazing

As we continue the journey through our favorite street style blogs, we make a stop at a Philly blogger, Mr. Reuben “Big Rube” Harley. He is a fashion stylist and chef by day, and an amazing street style blogger during his off time. His blog, streetgazing.com, allows him to share with the world two of his loves: fashion and photography. You can expect a to see variety of styles here.
One day, he’ll spot a subject sporting a sleek maxi dress:
Afro style:
Skateboard style:
Summer hats:
Or men’s shorts:
And plenty more. All of the street gazing you do is so worth it, Big Rube!  We thank you and look forward to seeing much more!  Muah 🙂
All images posted are courtesy of www.streetgazing.com

Flashback Friday: Kentucky Derby Fashion

     The year is 1955.  Kentucky’s event of the year is going down, The Run for the Roses.  Men place their bets, jockeys prep their ponies and women are in chic suspense at Churchill Downs.  Today, the importance of fashion vs. the race itself is about 50/50.  But 58 years ago, the focus on the winning horse tipped the scale.  Women came a little less glamorous, yet still very fashionable.  With more horse racing at the 138th annual Preakness Stakes just a day away, we anticipate more dainty and dapper wear from spectators.  Some glam, some casual, some glam-cas .  First here’s a quick trip back to how the Derby once was done.

The Tea Length Dress Crew

Derby Day 1955       Derby Day2 1955

The Cat Eye Crew

Derby Cat EyesDerby Rainy Day

The “My horse just won!” Top Hat Crew

Derby CheerDerby Diamond Jim Moran

Most trends have cycled back.  But notice, none of the ladies are sporting deluxe wide-brimmed hats.  That trend came around in the 60’s, when attire became less stringent and television became more prevalent – a recipe for women to put on a show 😉

Check out her hat, pearls, fur and gloves.  Camera ready!

Middle photos provided by time.life.com

What Is Global Lipstick?

This question arrises often.  Anytime someone hears the name, the conversation or train of thought goes as follows, “That’s so cute! What does it mean? It’s not about makeup? Is it about someone’s travels?”  It’s like Pandora’s Box.  So, here is Global Lipstick defined.

The name itself is a marriage of strength and softness.  Both traits inhabit a Global Lipstick reader.  You delight in having balance in life overall.  You’re most likely a trailblazer and yearn to leave your mark on the world – in whatever hue you fancy.  You dabble in what’s mainstream but the real fun comes from your own unique discoveries.  You are inquisitive, open-minded and a niche-carver.

The content of the blog can be broken down into four categories (usually):

Style – Whether it be a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, a fresh runway look or a vintage steal, we take it and make it our own.

Fun – travel, music, art, travel, picnics, dance, street conversations, game nights, karaoke, travel…did I forget travel?  The list goes on.  This category might be a personal favorite 😉

Food – adventurous palates! We thrive on foodie excursions.  Any dine outing is an opportunity to visit one of the dozens of restaurants you’ve wanted to try, not where you just ate last week.  Same rules apply to cooking and new recipes!

People – influencers.  We love to inspire and be inspired.  Those highlighted here make statements and are exemplary to us that want to be better and do better.

All topics are approached with a worldly eye.

So, that’s Global Lipstick.  Hopefully you come across something new and useful whenever you stop by.  As always, thank you for reading.

Besos.  Bisous.  Kisses. 🙂

Shoe Week’s Common Thread

Of all of shoe week’s posts, there seems to be one variable that ties them all together.  Let’s see.  We started with a quirky design, then moved to New York Fashion Week, Manolo Blahnik received an ode and there was a mention of leather slippers.  All signs lead to NY’s own that has made much shoe statement history. The one, the only….MISS CARRIE BRADSHAW!! Her shoes are as much a part of her as her writing (that’s why she’s a friend in my head 🙂 ).

Whether she’s taking a casual stroll through NYC,


meeting with an ex in Abu Dhabi,


buying local goods,


or simply wearing a show-stopping pair of gold Christian Louboutins to turn heads wherever she struts,CarrieMiss Carrie keeps her looks versatile and unique.  She uses retail therapy to feed her soul….and her sole.  Looks like she’s well-nourished on both ends.

Te Queremos, Manolo Blahnik.


The following is an ode to the Spanish designer, Manolo Blahnik.  It’s written on behalf of anyone that wants, owns or can appreciate a pair of stems with a fit that’s just right.

The sleek material fits tightly around the firm and supple wood which stands 6 inches erect. Each glance gets me more and more excited with anticipation.  I’m filled with the intoxicating allure of having it wrapped around the sexist part of my body: my foot!  This beautiful man named Manolo Blahnik knows how to give me exactly what I desire and how to make me feel desirable. When I’m standing low, he elevates me. When I feel out-dated, he reminds me that vintage is always in style.  Gaining attention is never a question when Mr. Blahnik’s in the room; the way he flirtatiously hugs my arches is magnificent.  The lengths of which his efforts satisfy my tippy-toed needs know no bounds.  Whether it be making me look pretty in pink or strong in gladiators, he gives it to me the way I love it.

Gracias por los zapatos perfectos!

“Shoes? I know…”

Shoe Week: Finn Stone

This week, I’ve decided to focus on global footwear – some quirky, some fierce and some tasty.  All with a certain panache.  Today’s falls under the quirky category.  U.K. designer, Finn Stone, created a pair of pumps studded with the adolescent building blocks, Legos.  A little far-out but eye-catching.  Finn merged his architectural background with his innovative intuition and the ‘LEG-GO Stiletto’ was born.  Unfortunately for us with quirky taste, these were not made with commercial intentions but to steal the show at the Affordable Art Fair of 2011.  I guess we’ll have to find some other way to be nostalgically stylish.

Finn Stone

Throwback Thursday: Diana Ross in Mahogany

           Ms. Ross Mahogany Train

Mahogany, a stylish classic.  Ms. Diana Ross played an upscale apparel designer that relocated from Chicago to Rome, Italy.  However, the character wasn’t a stretch from the actress.  Ms. Ross “came out” as the movie’s costume designer, dazzling the screne with avant-garde looks only she could own.  No doubt that she is the captain of team fabulous!

Ms. Ross Rome Arrival 2

Benvenuti a Italia

  Ms. Ross Mahogany 2

Ms. Ross Mahogany Film

Ms. Ross Mahogany Shoot


Mahogany Caesar

Mahogany Snow Fairy   Mahogany Holiday

Mahogany Billboard

Mahogany Exposure Mahogany Design

Mahogany Mucho Grazie

Improvising the Italian Language

Mahogany Ciao

Mahogany Home

Gaw-geous until the end!