Snapshot Stories: Models In Slovakia

      We at Global Lipstick have always been avid picture-takers.  So much that when we were youngsters, our friends consistently delegated photography tasks to us.  The habit has only increased with age.  It’s with us always and intensifies during our travels.  This week, we’ll share some of our favorites photog moments and their anecdotes.  Though each is worth a thousand words, we’ll try to a write a fraction of that!  They all have their own stories to tell – some a reflection of us, others a reflection of the cities we’ve come to know.

     The first picture is a literal interpretation of our photographic theme.  It was taken on an April day in Bratislava, Slovakia.  This is a city that is overshadowed by the capital of its neighboring country, Prague, Czech Republic.  The quaint town is underrated but whoever staged this photo shoot was fully aware of the beauty it houses.  While roaming, we noticed this fashion shoot in progress.  I have no idea what publication or company this was for but I do know that the models’ lipstick choice was poppin’!  That mixed with their haute equestrian-like attire created a scene made for Vogue.  Their head-to-toe looks were just fabulous.  If our picture is any indicator, I know the final product was beautiful.  This represents one of those cool happenstances that we all love.

Bratis Shoot

And it looks like they’re smizing 😉