Chocolate Shoe Bites

Choco Shoes

Who cares if Valentine’s Day has passed?  This upscale chocolate collection was made specially for the lovers’ holiday but is fit for any day.  Mexican “chocolatera”, Andrea Pedraza, titillated taste buds and catwalks in one.  Her handmade creations are made of Belgian chocolate and a cup of love.  To no surprise, her most popular designs are those of Christian Louboutin.  The good news for us that are stateside is that they’re sold north of the border at CocoAndré in Dallas, TX, where she is the Master Chocolatier (yes, also available for purchase online!).  The not so good news (for me, anyway) is that I’d probably be too stuck in a state of adoration to ever bite it.  Congratulations to Ms. Pedraza on her tasty chic sweets.

La Artista


Les Louboutins

Mexicana crea zapatos de tacón de chocolate

Shoe Week’s Common Thread

Of all of shoe week’s posts, there seems to be one variable that ties them all together.  Let’s see.  We started with a quirky design, then moved to New York Fashion Week, Manolo Blahnik received an ode and there was a mention of leather slippers.  All signs lead to NY’s own that has made much shoe statement history. The one, the only….MISS CARRIE BRADSHAW!! Her shoes are as much a part of her as her writing (that’s why she’s a friend in my head 🙂 ).

Whether she’s taking a casual stroll through NYC,


meeting with an ex in Abu Dhabi,


buying local goods,


or simply wearing a show-stopping pair of gold Christian Louboutins to turn heads wherever she struts,CarrieMiss Carrie keeps her looks versatile and unique.  She uses retail therapy to feed her soul….and her sole.  Looks like she’s well-nourished on both ends.

Wooden Clogs & Leather Slippers

Nederland  Maroc

The Netherlands is to clogs as Morocco is to leather slippers.  Dutch clogs are traditional symbols (and still used by some), while Moroccan slippers are functional – worn daily by both men and women.  The two can be found in various parts of the world.  I’m all for both!



(above & below photo credit to

The Clothes Whisperer: the fashion blog with wit that sparkles: The Way We Wore: The Spoils of the Souks, Marrakech-May 7, 2011

Te Queremos, Manolo Blahnik.


The following is an ode to the Spanish designer, Manolo Blahnik.  It’s written on behalf of anyone that wants, owns or can appreciate a pair of stems with a fit that’s just right.

The sleek material fits tightly around the firm and supple wood which stands 6 inches erect. Each glance gets me more and more excited with anticipation.  I’m filled with the intoxicating allure of having it wrapped around the sexist part of my body: my foot!  This beautiful man named Manolo Blahnik knows how to give me exactly what I desire and how to make me feel desirable. When I’m standing low, he elevates me. When I feel out-dated, he reminds me that vintage is always in style.  Gaining attention is never a question when Mr. Blahnik’s in the room; the way he flirtatiously hugs my arches is magnificent.  The lengths of which his efforts satisfy my tippy-toed needs know no bounds.  Whether it be making me look pretty in pink or strong in gladiators, he gives it to me the way I love it.

Gracias por los zapatos perfectos!

“Shoes? I know…”

New York Fashion Week Shoelights


Yes, oh yes, a week of shoes is not complete without including some of NYFW’s finest.  Here goes!

We love you, Mary Jane.
Polka Dots & Bright Legwear
Street Style
Shoes of Fashion: Fashion Week 2013
It’s black.  It’s white.  Alright.
One strap says it all.
Yes, please.
Alexander McQueen Booties
New York Fashion Week Trend
Art imitating life.
Laced Over-the-Knee Boots
The list goes on…