Jewelry Week: Sheryl Lowe

The simplest ensemble can be turned into a dazzling number with the right jewelry.  Are you a precious stone-lover, bargain shopper or DIY-er?  Fortunately, you can find the perfect piece in each category.

Sheryl Lowe Interview

Sheryl Lowe (right) being interviewed by Global Lipstick friend, Laura Coronado (left).

We’ll start high, with an upper-end selection spawned by a woman that speaks style and motivation through her works.  Inspired by travels, friends and family, longtime make-up artist, Sheryl Lowe, transitioned into jewelry designer.  Her newfound profession is in fact a lifelong passion.  With background studies in design and eagerness to be charitable, the journey began to create an exclusive line of jewelry that also donates to charities for women and children.

Her recent collection is a continued reflection of inspiration throughout her life.  Pieces are named after her friends, family and favorite destinations.  What I found to be most compelling was her use of three elements: Buddha, crosses and feathers.  The mixed presence of crosses and Buddha represent her appreciation for and connection to a being greater than herself.  The feathers are symbolic of what she wants for her friends and other women – taking flight in pursuit of one’s dreams.  This is a designer that is dedicated to making her patrons dazzle, both inside and out.

Feathers, Crosses & Buddha Pieces

Sheryl Lowe Sheryl Lowe Sheryl Lowe Sheryl Lowe

Be a feather, take flight 🙂