Shoe Week’s Common Thread

Of all of shoe week’s posts, there seems to be one variable that ties them all together.  Let’s see.  We started with a quirky design, then moved to New York Fashion Week, Manolo Blahnik received an ode and there was a mention of leather slippers.  All signs lead to NY’s own that has made much shoe statement history. The one, the only….MISS CARRIE BRADSHAW!! Her shoes are as much a part of her as her writing (that’s why she’s a friend in my head 🙂 ).

Whether she’s taking a casual stroll through NYC,


meeting with an ex in Abu Dhabi,


buying local goods,


or simply wearing a show-stopping pair of gold Christian Louboutins to turn heads wherever she struts,CarrieMiss Carrie keeps her looks versatile and unique.  She uses retail therapy to feed her soul….and her sole.  Looks like she’s well-nourished on both ends.