Sevilla Feria Week: Twirling Under the Tents

Sevillanas Plaza de Espana

Aside from the dress, aside from the rides, aside from the proper food pairing stands the dance: sevillanas.  From the age of three, youngsters learn how to move.  The art of circling each finger one by one, stepping firmly, twirling about and ending each segment with “Ole!”, is what gives life to the fair.  With this, it’s a party!

Watching alone makes me want to stomp and fling my hands.

Sevilla Feria de Abril Week

Feria Portrait        The pinnacle of Spanish culture is back!  Starting today, the city of Sevilla will look like <— that poster for a week.  I describe the occasion as the marriage of a high school prom and a state fair.  People of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, dress in detailed gowns or slim-fit tuxedos with top hats.  Sevillanos have a reputation of knowing how to party and during feria, it is evident.  From early afternoon until 6am, everyone travels from tent to tent dancing and socializing and some make their rounds on the fair rides.  There is an abundance of energy and adrenaline pumping through feria-goer’s veins.  After months of preparation and thousands of euros spent, they are finally able to do what they do best: disfrutar de la vida (enjoy life)!  The city shuts down just so everyone is able to partake in the festivities – no school, banks closed, lucky to find an open grocery store.  Yes, it’s serious.  And there’s nothing like seeing the everyone come together to show love for their culture and preserving their traditions.  Let the fun begin!

Feria Damas Feria Horselady Feria HorsemenFeria CircleFeria Stroll