Senegalese Model Graces Vogue Netherlands Cover

Congratulations are in order for Kinee Diouf!  She is the first Black model to claim the cover of Vogue Nederland, coming in July.  This issue coincidentally or strategically debuts on the heels of their controversial May issue, which featured a Dutch model painted in blackface.  Some say it’s a subtle apology.  Possibly.  And given that most of Ms. Diouf’s pictures are from a distance instead of close-up, I may agree.  But controversy aside, she KILLED the shoot, done by esteemed photographer, Ishi.  The spread took place at  Paradis Plage Resort in Agadir, Morocco.  Vibrant scenery, prints and lipstick.  Caution: fierce flicks ahead!

Snapshot Stories: Welcome to Dubrovnik!

Is it going to be as beautiful as everyone claims?  Is the Adriatic Sea really that blue?  Most importantly, will I be able to capture it on camera?  Yes, yes and yes!!!  Breathtaking.  There are destinations and attractions that fall short of their hype, so a very small piece of me was a Doubting Thomas.  Thankfully, Dubrovnik was NOT one of those destinations.  This photo was snapped on the ride from the airport, at the point of realization and appreciation that the city exceeded its reputation.  Every traveler’s dream 🙂 .


Snapshot Stories: Vendors in Peru

This is the kind of woman you will encounter if ever in the Andean city of Huaraz, Peru.  Often wearing a hat, sometimes with a niño (child) strapped tightly, always with a pop of color.  They are always walking, dancing or working in their “polleras”, which are fluttery skirts that range from very basic to very elaborate.  In this photo, we were exploring the mountains and came across these beautiful ladies in basic polleras as they prepared choclo (similar to corn on the cob but larger kernels) and cuy (guinea pig) for sight-seers.  Their stripes and neons immediately caught my eye ;-).


Snapshot Stories: French Sand Dune Triumph

In a trip to Bordeaux, France, my sister, friend and I went to climb nearby sand dunes in Arachon – a first for us all.  Expectations were more like question marks.  We hadn’t a clue what was waiting for us.  I’ve climbed pyramids and mountains.  Both were brutal.  In my head, sand should have been cake.  The incline itself was not steep but I will admit, the overall perception could have been overwhelming.  Well….one of us, who will remain unidentified, realized her paralyzing fear of heights and resisted the climb halfway through.  She would walk two or three steps then collapse screaming, “noooo, I can’t make it!”  We had to band together as we saw children and puppies speed by in order to get to the top.  But we did it!  What normally takes 5-10 minutes, took us 30-40.  A triumph indeed.  We celebrated with a victorious pose!


Snapshot Stories: Nearly Arrested in Frankfurt

I took a trip to Germany to see their Christmas Markets.  Day one, my friend and I stopped at McDonald’s and to my surprise there were veggie burgers on the menu.  We don’t have those here in the US.  So, like any normal person, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.  Take one was alright but the golden arches were not visible.  I needed another.  The second take, the flash went off – BIG mistake.  That resulted in two very angry employees.  The yelling ensued, “____ ____ __ ___ PHOTO!”  “Photo” was all I caught.  Noticing their aggravation, I put away my camera, expecting that to be a resolution.  Wrong.  The “___ _ __ PHOTO!” continued.  Next step was leaving the building altogether.  But their persistence saw beyond our exit.  Wearing short-sleeved shirts and no jackets, they followed us outside, continued yelling and even attempted to retrieve my camera!  Talk about relentless.  This situation almost took a turn for the worst.  Finally, my friend ended it in three words, “us…train…go.”  Magically, it worked.  But so much for being able to use their bathroom.

Here’s take one, where I should have stopped!

Frankfurt Burger

Snapshot Stories: Models In Slovakia

      We at Global Lipstick have always been avid picture-takers.  So much that when we were youngsters, our friends consistently delegated photography tasks to us.  The habit has only increased with age.  It’s with us always and intensifies during our travels.  This week, we’ll share some of our favorites photog moments and their anecdotes.  Though each is worth a thousand words, we’ll try to a write a fraction of that!  They all have their own stories to tell – some a reflection of us, others a reflection of the cities we’ve come to know.

     The first picture is a literal interpretation of our photographic theme.  It was taken on an April day in Bratislava, Slovakia.  This is a city that is overshadowed by the capital of its neighboring country, Prague, Czech Republic.  The quaint town is underrated but whoever staged this photo shoot was fully aware of the beauty it houses.  While roaming, we noticed this fashion shoot in progress.  I have no idea what publication or company this was for but I do know that the models’ lipstick choice was poppin’!  That mixed with their haute equestrian-like attire created a scene made for Vogue.  Their head-to-toe looks were just fabulous.  If our picture is any indicator, I know the final product was beautiful.  This represents one of those cool happenstances that we all love.

Bratis Shoot

And it looks like they’re smizing 😉