Throwback Thursday: 32 Years of MTV

I want my MTV!  August 1, 1981 MTV launched, changing both the television and music industries.  It’s gone through many changes over the years, expanded and influenced all over the world.  But the infant MTV years will always be on top. Memory lane time!

Moon Man

Original VJ Crew

Cyndi Lauper

Madonna @ the MTV Awards

Hostess, Daisy Fuentes

Ed Lover & Doctor Dre of Yo! MTV Raps

Jenny Lopez shakin’ alongside MC Hammer

First “Real World” Cast, New York

My BFF’s!

Tasty Tuesday: National Cheesecake Day

Oh yes!  A lovely item to celebrate.  I don’t know if my girls Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia knew how far ahead of the curve they were with their cheesecake fetish.  Who knew that it would soon have its own holiday?  From a popular dish in ancient Greece to a New York delicacy to having a restaurant chain named after it.  Evolution.  And one  that’s what?  Global!  New York may have its own style of cheesecake but countries around the world also make it their own!

Golden Girls and their New York Style Cheesecake

Polish Sernik

Swedish Ostkaka

German Käsekuchen

South African Rose Cheesecake

Cheesecake Factory Chocolate Cake Cheesecake

Just gained 10 pounds/4.5 kilos!

Semana de Moda en las Calles: Backyard Bill

Urbano + Exclusivo + Clásico + Chévere + Expresión Invidivuo + Mundial = Moda en la Calle.  Esas palabras y más son maneras que identificamos la gente de más de moda en las calles.  Los que se dedican su tiempo a encontrar los mejores de las calles de alguna saben capturar las caras y conjuntos que siempre nos dejan cautivados.  Esta semana, presentamos algunos de nuestros blogs de moda en la calle y nuestros “looks” favoritos de sus colecciónes.

Backyard Bill es un blog basado en Nueva York que empezó como uno en donde los sujetos fueron fotografiados en el patio trasero de Bill.  Años después, Bill se ha mudado de su patio solo a entrelazar los hogares y ambientes de sus sujetos.  Así tenemos un surtido íntimo y divertido de gente de moda.  Nos encanta.


Lina Plioplyte – Residente de Brooklyn, NY/Nativa de Lituania.

Theo Synnestvdedt – Copenhague, Dinamarca.

Wesley O’Meara – Nueva York.

Fillipa Berg – Estocolmo, Suecia.


Amanda Merten – Nativa de Las Vegas, NV/Residente de Brooklyn, NY.

Tennessee Thomas – Nativa de London, Inglaterra/Residente de East Village, NY.

Nienke VanHofslot – Amsterdam, Holanda.

Kelsey Lu McJunkins – Nativa de Carolina del Norte/Residente de Brooklyn, NY.

Todos imagines de

Street Style Week: Backyard Bill

Urban + Upscale + Vintage + Dopeness + Self Expression + Worldwide = Street Style.  All that and more is how we identify street stylers.  Those that devote time to finding the best in the streets somehow find a way to capture faces and ensembles that keep us captivated.  This week, we’ll present to you some of our favorite street style blogs along with our favorites from their collections.

Backyard Bill is a New York-based blog that started as one in which subjects were photographed in Bill’s backyard.  Years later, he has moved from his backyard only to intertwining his subjects’ homes and environments.  With that, we have an intimate, funky, edgy array of fashionable folks.  Loves.


Lina Plioplyte – Brooklyn, NY resident/Lithuania native.

Theo Synnestvdedt – Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wesley O’Meara – New York.

Fillipa Berg – Stockholm, Sweden.


Amanda Merten – Las Vegas, NV native/Brooklyn, NY resident.

Tennessee Thomas – London, England native/East Village, NY resident.

Nienke VanHofslot – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Kelsey Lu McJunkins – North Carolina native/Brooklyn, NY resident.

All images from

Tasty Tuesday: The Cronut Culprit

The “cronut craze” has taken off rapidly and is driving countless New Yorkers to rise early and wait hours for a bite.  What’s a cronut?  It is a cross between a croissant and a doughnut (AKA a fried croissant with a hole) and the new “it” pastry.  Copycats are sprouting and scalpers, yes scalpers, are profiting by delivering them for a cool $100 each.  All of this at the hands of Frenchman, Chef Dominique Ansel.  Born just north of Paris, Ansel has left his mark in kitchens around the world.  Now the goods from his self-titled bakery are on the verge of overshadowing another trendy French treat, macarons.  If he starts making mini cronuts, he may win that battle for sure.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Cherry Blossom Festival Week

Japanese Tea House

Spring is officially here (yessssss!).  The air is different, along with the shades of nature.  ‘Tis the season of outdoor events.  Right on time is the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  Cherry Blossoms are highly regarded in Japanese culture and were gifted to many nations as a token of friendship.  In the US, they were primarily planted in Manhattan, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and San Diego.  Now that they’re in full bloom, it’s time to relish in their pops of pale pink.  The festivals are full of cultural insight – much more than flowers.  They exhibit everything from tea ceremonies to kimonos.  But for now, here are shots of the flowers themselves in the few cities fortunate enough to be home to their roots.

Central Park, NY

Central Park, NY

New Jersey


Washington D.C.

San Diego

Wherever you are, take a moment to stop and smell the florals 😉