6 Women That Work Hard and Vacation Hard

Hard working women make the world go ’round.  And they all deserve a break.  Here are six women (in no particular order) that know the value of R & R amidst manning their empires.

1.Serena Williams earlier this year in Miami, celebrating her victory at the French Open.

2. Beyoncé breaking from her Mrs. Carter World Tour and celebrating her 32nd birthday in Italy.

Photo credit: AKM GSI

3. Lady Gaga in Mexico, post her hip surgery recovery.

Lady Gaga

Photo credit: Clasos.com/Splash News

4. Ellen DeGeneres spread her comedic cheer this past Christmas in St. Bart’s.

Photo Credit: Ellen.WarnerBros.com

5. Sofia Vergara spending time during her “Modern Family” off-season in Mykonos, Greece.

6. Oprah Winfrey gives the Serengeti Safari (Tanzania, Africa) two thumbs up!Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 9.46.09 PM

Instagram Photo

Cheers to a well-balanced life!

11 Must-Do International Festivals in September

Summer may be coming to a close but the festivals are ongoing – here, there and everywhere.  Find one of these culture bombs happening around the world during September.

1. Mariachi Festival, Guadalajara, México – August 28-September 8, the event that encapsulates the heart of Mexican culture fills the streets with folkloric music, dancing and costume. Learn more at http://www.mariachi-jalisco.com.mx.

2. Hawai’i Food and Wine Festival, Maui and Oahu, Hawaii – September 1-9, the “premier epicurean event in the Pacific” takes place on one of the world’s most treasured islands. Visit http://hawaiifoodandwinefestival.com for more info.

Hawai'i Food & Wine

3. Dublin Fashion Festival, Dublin, Ireland – September 5-8, fashionistas shop from over 250 retailers while enjoying elements of fun and theatre in their shopping experiences.  Visit http://dff.ie.

4. Toronto International Film Festival, Canada -September 5-15 over 300 films from more than 60 countries will be screened at tiff., dubbed as the most important film fest after Cannes.  See more at www.tiff.net.

5. FringeArts Festival, Philadelphia, PA – September 5-22, the City of Brotherly Love awakens with provocative contemporary art, both visual and performance.  For more info, visit http://www.fringearts.com.


Photo by Heiko Kalmbach

6. Budapest International Wine Fest, Budapest, Hungary – September 11-15 Wine University, wine tasting, a harvest parade, etc.  All that plus traditional Hungarian food and culture at their annual festival.  Info at http://www.aborfesztival.hu.

7. Koktebel Jazz Festival, Koktebel, Ukraine – September 12-15 the airwaves of this Ukrainian resort town are jammed with jazz notes and over 30,000 music lovers.  Over 300 musicians from 15 countries perform.  Visit http://www.jazz.koktebel.info/en/.

8. Floriade Flower Festival, Canberra, Australia – September 14-October 13, the finest of Australian horticulture unviels. More info at http://www.floriadeaustralia.com/program/

9. London Design Festival, London, UK – September 14-22 product launches, international exhibitions, seminars, trade events and more all happen at what’s considered one of the most important annual design events.  A mix of commercial and culture for, there’s something from professionals and passersby.  Learn more at http://www.londondesignfestival.com/.

Picture by Cityscope

10. Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance & Music, Bangkok, Thailand – September 15-October 14.  Opera, ballet, music and dance unite for the largest performing arts festival in Thailand.   http://www.bangkokfestivals.com/home/

11. Oktober Fest, Munich, Germany – September 21-October 6.  One word: beer.  http://www.oktoberfest.de/en/

AP Photo/Matthias Schrader

AP Photo/Matthias Schrader

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Beauty Week: Passport to Beauty

Beauty is one of those words that is truly universal.  No matter the translation or interpretation, it’s understood and appreciated.  Author and beauty expert, Shalini Vhadera wrote the book, Passport to Beauty, for us all to release our inner “Global Goddess”.  In it, she reveals beauty secrets of women around the world.  Conveniently, they can all be done in your own kitchen.

  1. In Greece, women (aka original goddesses) grind the pits of their famous olives, add them to olive oil and use the mix as a full body scrub to cleanse and remove dead skin.
  2. Japanese use sake (when they’re not throwing it back ;-)) to exfoliate and to fade dark spots.  They also take the line “drink your bathwater” to another level, adding it to their tub time as a way to detox the body.
  3. Here in the US, Georgia peaches rub their state fruit (high in vitamin C) on their faces to give their skin a youthful glow.  So that’s Nene’s secret….?
  4. The chicas in Chile rejuvenate with a grape and flour mask on their face and/or body.
  5. Indian spices go a long way.  One of their secrets is a mix tamarack and yogurt to prevent stretch marks.  Perfect for all the mamas-to-be.
  6. The mujeres in Mexico keep their hands intact by mixing lemon juice with sugar and scrubbing away.  I guess an alternative would be dabbing a little lemonade in any problem areas hehe.

Effective, quick and simple secrets.  All sound like winners to me.  For more, start trekking around the globe to search and discover….or just get your copy of Passport to Beauty

Viernes Fabuloso!

Todo el mundo utiliza la palabra fabuloso frequentemente.  Actores, canantes, estrellas de realidad y más dicen que es una de sus características.  Las personas que personifican la palabra de verdad están llenas de confianza.  Valientes.  Imperfectos.  En Fuego.  A nosotras, esas palabras son el total de la suma de alguien que es indudablemente fabuloso!.  Hoy, reconocemos las personas confiadas y fabulosas, cerca y de lejos.

Absolutely Fabulous estrellas, Jennifer Saunders & Joanna Lumley.  Foto por Elle UK.

Directora de  Glamour México, Lucy Lara.  Foto por latinfashionews.com

Blogger, Fashion & Lifestyle Stockist, Folake Huntoon

Blogger, Comentadora de Moda y Estilo de Vida, Folake Huntoon.  Foto por Style Pantry.

Fundadora de Nasty Gal/comisaria mundial de vintage, Sophia Amoruso.  Foto por Elle.

Actriz y Modelo de primera categoría, Grace Jones.

Cantante atrevida y native de Pennsylvania (preferencia personal 😉 ), P!nk. Foto por MTV

Fabulous Friday!

The word fabulous is hurled at us from every direction.  Actors, singers, models, reality stars and the like all claim it as a personal trait.  Those that truly own it are full of confidence.  Fearless.  Flawed.  Fiery.  To us, each of those words is the sum total of someone that is undoubtedly fabulous!  Today, we are giving shout outs to  the confident, fabs near and far.

Absolutely Fabulous stars, Jennifer Saunders & Joanna Lumley.  Picture courtesy of Elle UK.

Editor-In-Chief of Glamour Mexico, Lucy Lara.  Picture, courtesy of latinfashionews.com

Blogger, Fashion & Lifestyle Stockist, Folake Huntoon

Blogger, Fashion & Lifestyle Stockist, Folake Huntoon.  Photo, courtesy of Style Pantry.

Nasty Gal founder/global vintage curator, Sophia Amoruso.  Photo, courtesy of Elle.

World-class model and actress, Grace Jones.

Daring songstress and Pennsylvania native (personal bias ;-)), P!nk. Picture, courtesy of MTV

5 Days of Global Goodies: In A Cup!

A woman in Nice, France once told me, “everything tastes better in a cup.”  That was her opinion about desserts and cooking/baking.  Since then, my eyes (and mouth) were awakened.  I don’t know the logic but it’s true.  It’s as if the ingredients appreciate their independence more in cup size and decide to wow you a little more.  Pick a dessert, any dessert.  You’ll taste the difference.  Maybe that’s how the inventor of cupcakes felt…

Pistachio Tiramisu

Molten Chocolate Cake

White Chocolate Soufflé

Strawberry Vanilla Panna Cotta

Tres Leches Cake

Smooches 🙂

Art Week: Frida Kahlo & María Izquierdo


Welcome to Art Week!  We’ll begin with two icons of Mexican art history: Frida Kahlo and María Izquierdo.  Each is from the age of surrealism but did not always classify themselves as surrealists.  Each created pivotal pieces that spoke for women but neither set out to do “feminist” art.  Each has a bevy of impressionable work that responded to their experiences as women and is still as strong today as it was decades ago.

Bienvenidos a la Semana del Arte!  Comenzamos con dos iconas de la historia del arte mexicano: Frida Kahlo y María Izquierdo.  Cada mujer es de la época de surrealismo pero no siempre se clasificaba si misma como surrealista.  Cada mujer creó retratos pivotales que hablaban por las mujeres pero ninguna intentó hacer arte “feminista”.  Cada mujer tiene un grupo de trabajo impresionante que respondió a su propias experiencias como mujeres y la fuerza hoy es igual de la fuerza de hace décadas.

El Abrazo de Amor del universo, La Tierra, Frida Kahlo

El Abrazo de Amor del Universo, La Tierra (The Loving Embrace of the Universe, the Earth) is a painting of many dimensions.  To the left you see night and to the right you see day.  Both hands of night and day are embracing Earth, which is embracing Frida as she cradles an oversized infant with a face that resembles her husband’s, Diego Rivera.  Countless is the amount of ways this can be interpreted (as with all art).  My interpretation (albeit, an amateur one) is lengthy but boils down to her relying on a multitude of forces to survive.  Her tumultous marriage, her hospital bouts, her infertility were all situations that could have caused her to crumble.  However, the loving embrace of the universe nurtures her.

El Abrazo de Amor del Universo, La Tierra es un retrato de muchas dimensiones.  A la izquierda se ve la noche y a la derecha se ve el día.  Las manos de la noche y del día están abrazando la tierra, que está abrazando Frida, quien está acunando un infante super grande que parece de su marido, Diego Rivera.  No so puede contar el número de interpretaciones de este retrato (como todo el arte).  Mi interpretación es larga pero en breve, ella confía en una multitud de fuerzas para sobrevivir.  Su tumultuoso matrimonio, sus episodios en el hospital, su infertilidad fueron situaciones que pudieran resultado en una vida miserable.  Sin embargo, el abrazo de amor del universo se la cuida.

Well…this was longer than the usual.  María Izquierdo coming right up in Part II!

A continuacción…

Chocolate Shoe Bites

Choco Shoes

Who cares if Valentine’s Day has passed?  This upscale chocolate collection was made specially for the lovers’ holiday but is fit for any day.  Mexican “chocolatera”, Andrea Pedraza, titillated taste buds and catwalks in one.  Her handmade creations are made of Belgian chocolate and a cup of love.  To no surprise, her most popular designs are those of Christian Louboutin.  The good news for us that are stateside is that they’re sold north of the border at CocoAndré in Dallas, TX, where she is the Master Chocolatier (yes, also available for purchase online!).  The not so good news (for me, anyway) is that I’d probably be too stuck in a state of adoration to ever bite it.  Congratulations to Ms. Pedraza on her tasty chic sweets.

La Artista


Les Louboutins

Mexicana crea zapatos de tacón de chocolate