Pinky Rings, Grillz and Chainz. Oh Boy!

Men love their jewelry just as much as women!  Or more?

“The boss” always makes sure he wears at least one necklace.


If you’re living in the dirty south, you know that a man is never fully dressed without his smile….and gangsta grillz!


A true roadway manager is incomplete without his signature piece….his pinky ring!

Big Pimpin

Every king has got to have some bling bling. How else will everyone know he’s the king??

King P

Princes too.

And if you are the Godfather and are so kind to allow someone to make amends…

The love of jewelry could grow so much, a man might incorporate it into his stage name.  2 CHAAAAINZ!!!

Some men want it simply to complete their swag.

Bling 😉

Jewelry Week: Interview with Designer, GG Sirrah

GGFavecharlotte web

GG wearing her favorite necklace, Charlotte’s Web

Global Lipstick loves all things fashion.  We also have a compelling desire to accessorize, so naturally we are always looking for new sources to feed our jewelry fetish.  Jewels are the icing on the cake that is an ensemble and Ms. Germaine Harris, aka GG Sirrah, is a pro at creating unique “icing”.  She has been independently designing and crafting jeweled art for only three years but has garnered an impeccable collection and customer base.  GG Sirrah.  The name itself is fierce, matching the up-and-coming designer’s spicy sparkle.  This Brooklynite showcases her bold, fantastic personality in each piece to which she lends her name.  When you adorn her jewelry, you are truly blessed with an extension of GG’s heart.

We had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Ms. Harris and got a small glimpse of her life as a jewelista.

GL:  How old were you when you fell in love with jewelry?

GG:  I don’t remember my exact age, I just remember my grandmother wearing all her jewelry and falling in love with how it made her look.  I remember going into her room and putting on all her different pieces and admiring myself in the mirror.

GL:  When did you start selling your jewelry professionally?

GG:  In 2010 I was laid off from my job at Macy’s.  I took that as a sign to turn my passion for making and selling jewelry into doing so full-time.

GL:  What inspires your designs?

GG:  It depends!  Most of the time I can just take one bead, look at it and know how each part of that particular piece will fall into place.  Seeing a design in my mind gets me excited!

GL:  What do you love most about making your jewelry?

GG:  I don’t (she laughs).  Honestly, I don’t actively  enjoy making the pieces.   Sitting down in one place for three hours for me is not fun but I love the end result.  I love to see the joy my customers have when they wear something I created.

GL:  What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

GG:  It’s called Charlottes’ Web.  I didn’t even design it (she laughs).  It’s from a wholesaler that I work with but I love it!  In fact, I wore it (the necklace) to an event where I was a vendor and one of the event planners wanted to buy it off my neck for his wife.  He even offered to pay what I originally paid but I said, “heck no!”  What actually ended up happening was the same wholesaler sent me another one in a shipment.  I called the man and let him know (he could purchase mine) and he said, “Of course, I want it.”  So I brought it to where he lived and he said his wife couldn’t have been more excited!

GL:  What are your favorite materials to work with?

GG:  Precious stones.  No two are alike, which makes no two pieces the same.  That’s why my customers are loyal because they know even if I make 5 of the “same” thing the one they get will be one-of-a-kind.

Check out some of GG’s favorite designs and one-of-a-kind selections!

For work:

GGPearlChainNeckChain and Pearl Necklace

For Play:


Lucite Fluorescent Beaded Bracelet


Wooden, Metal & Horn Pendant Necklace

For the nighttime:


Black & Gold Layered Chain Necklace

You can find all of GG Sirrahs’ BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL jewelry and assecories  at Also like her on instagram and twitter @ggsirrah.

Jewelry Week: Great Gatsby & Tiffany & Co.

      The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite reads in high school.  There’s a possibility I should have been a 20’s baby – just sayin’.  With the release of the Gatsby film, the throwback theme is ever-present and perfect for us that adore its upscale sophistication.  What makes it such a distinctive era is, yes, the jewels.  Diamonds and pearls.  Feathers and tassels.  Headpieces and blinged brooches.  There has not been another decade like it.  Australian costume designer, Catherine Martin, was able to translate the feel of the age of the flapper to the big screen.  The movie’s collection of intricate pieces, provided by Tiffany & Co., can be considered another Gatsby character.

Below, Catherine Martin tells the story of key jewelry selections for the film.


So, as we see ladies wearing more of these:

And these:

We’ll think of them: