Independence Week: Taste of Philadelphia

TasteOn one of the hottest days of the season, we braved the humid 96 degree-day (35°C) to taste some dishes of Philly’s food players.  In the end, it became more of a quest for chilled options in order to stay cool.  It worked…for a short while.  When our frozen food/drinks started to melt quickly before our eyes, we took that as a cue to exit!

Favorite Indian beverage, Mango Lassi, from Karma Restaurant & Bar.

LassiRan into bloggerfriend, Brittiny, of Fashion of Philly.



Loved the veggie presence at The Twisted Tail.


Award goes to Brown Betty Dessert Boutique for most creative vending space!

 DSCN0082 DSCN0085

Rita’s water ice was necessary even after Brown Betty’s ice cream sandwich.

Rita's Line

Hmmm…maybe they should go global.



Found some freebies!DSCN0130 And a slam dunk contest on the way out 🙂Slam Dunk

View from the parking lot.


And away we went!