Paradise Week: Mustique Luxury

Mustique Map

This one is for the rich blood.  No, seriously… it was the babymoon spot of the Royal Couple, William & Kate.  Its regal reputation derives from the island owner, Lord Glenconner, bestowing a plot of land upon Princess Margaret of England for her wedding in the 1960’s.  When she used that to build Les Jolies Eaux, the hallmark of exclusivity was made.  Stocked with private beaches and invite-only everything, connections are a must if you want to dip your toes in these waters.  And with a ban on paparazzi, it is the playground of the famous.  Paps or not, I’d go.  Looks like a dream.

Mustique Les Jolies Eaux

Les Jolies Eaux

  Mustique Abercrombie & Kent Mustique Jewel  

Mustique Night Mustique Overflow

Mustique Villa


Paradise Week: Mauritius

Off the southeast coast of Africa lies a beautiful island full of bungalows, parties in the sand, fresh seafood and breathtaking beaches every mile.  Sounds like most islands?  Yes, but there’s only one Mauritius, a place that is addictive in every facet.  The scene is priceless.

Mauritius Black River

Mauritius Beach Dance   Mauritius Four Seasons Mauritius Group Dance Mauritius Le Prince Maurice Resort

Mauritius Poolside Mauritius Rocks

Mauritius Daube de poisson

Mauritius Sega Dance Mauritius Sunset

Paradise Week: Maldives

Here in PA, Spring is being its usual flirtatious self.  Giving us a taste of the delightful weather, then stripping it away, replacing it with more bitter cold air.  Paradise week is my way of sending Lady Spring warm thoughts.  Hopefully then, she’ll throw in the Winter towel and spoil us with sunny, water ice-worthy days.

First, we have the Republic of Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean.  The temperature there is 89 F.  Much preferred to our 41 F.  This is where a little imagination comes in handy…

Maldives Dine Maldives Huts  Maldives Round Table Maldives Strip

Maldavian Dish

Maldavian woman wearing typical Dhivehi Dress

Maldives Dhivehi Dress

Traditional Dances

That was a nice getaway 🙂

*I do not own the rights to these pictures*