Tasty Tuesday: National Cheesecake Day

Oh yes!  A lovely item to celebrate.  I don’t know if my girls Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia knew how far ahead of the curve they were with their cheesecake fetish.  Who knew that it would soon have its own holiday?  From a popular dish in ancient Greece to a New York delicacy to having a restaurant chain named after it.  Evolution.  And one  that’s what?  Global!  New York may have its own style of cheesecake but countries around the world also make it their own!

Golden Girls and their New York Style Cheesecake

Polish Sernik

Swedish Ostkaka

German Käsekuchen

South African Rose Cheesecake

Cheesecake Factory Chocolate Cake Cheesecake

Just gained 10 pounds/4.5 kilos!

Snapshot Stories: Nearly Arrested in Frankfurt

I took a trip to Germany to see their Christmas Markets.  Day one, my friend and I stopped at McDonald’s and to my surprise there were veggie burgers on the menu.  We don’t have those here in the US.  So, like any normal person, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.  Take one was alright but the golden arches were not visible.  I needed another.  The second take, the flash went off – BIG mistake.  That resulted in two very angry employees.  The yelling ensued, “____ ____ __ ___ PHOTO!”  “Photo” was all I caught.  Noticing their aggravation, I put away my camera, expecting that to be a resolution.  Wrong.  The “___ _ __ PHOTO!” continued.  Next step was leaving the building altogether.  But their persistence saw beyond our exit.  Wearing short-sleeved shirts and no jackets, they followed us outside, continued yelling and even attempted to retrieve my camera!  Talk about relentless.  This situation almost took a turn for the worst.  Finally, my friend ended it in three words, “us…train…go.”  Magically, it worked.  But so much for being able to use their bathroom.

Here’s take one, where I should have stopped!

Frankfurt Burger

5 Days of Goodies: Pretzel Day

Happy National Pretzel Day!  Thank you so much, German and Swiss German settlers for bringing your “brezel” to North America.  It has gone through many changes over the years.  I am an absolute -aholic of sweet and savory harmonies.  It stands to reason that one of my favorite variations is the chocolate covered pretzel.  Small, crunchy and delightful.  But there is a range of sweet pretzel interpretations.  Take your pick!

Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar Stix:


In a truffle:

As a shamrock:

Atop a cupcake:

Cupcake Pretzel

Sky is the limit!