Flashback Friday: Kentucky Derby Fashion

     The year is 1955.  Kentucky’s event of the year is going down, The Run for the Roses.  Men place their bets, jockeys prep their ponies and women are in chic suspense at Churchill Downs.  Today, the importance of fashion vs. the race itself is about 50/50.  But 58 years ago, the focus on the winning horse tipped the scale.  Women came a little less glamorous, yet still very fashionable.  With more horse racing at the 138th annual Preakness Stakes just a day away, we anticipate more dainty and dapper wear from spectators.  Some glam, some casual, some glam-cas .  First here’s a quick trip back to how the Derby once was done.

The Tea Length Dress Crew

Derby Day 1955       Derby Day2 1955

The Cat Eye Crew

Derby Cat EyesDerby Rainy Day

The “My horse just won!” Top Hat Crew

Derby CheerDerby Diamond Jim Moran

Most trends have cycled back.  But notice, none of the ladies are sporting deluxe wide-brimmed hats.  That trend came around in the 60’s, when attire became less stringent and television became more prevalent – a recipe for women to put on a show 😉

Check out her hat, pearls, fur and gloves.  Camera ready!

Middle photos provided by time.life.com

Shoe Week: Finn Stone

This week, I’ve decided to focus on global footwear – some quirky, some fierce and some tasty.  All with a certain panache.  Today’s falls under the quirky category.  U.K. designer, Finn Stone, created a pair of pumps studded with the adolescent building blocks, Legos.  A little far-out but eye-catching.  Finn merged his architectural background with his innovative intuition and the ‘LEG-GO Stiletto’ was born.  Unfortunately for us with quirky taste, these were not made with commercial intentions but to steal the show at the Affordable Art Fair of 2011.  I guess we’ll have to find some other way to be nostalgically stylish.

Finn Stone

Wildcard Wednesday: D.I.Y. Ombre Lipstick

Ombre Lips

One look at these and I had to try.  Shortly after seeing Madame Ombre, I was on my way to my makeup bag to create my own and so can you.  After much trial and error, I finally found a combo that was the simplest of them all.  Be bold – give it a go 😉

1. Begin with two contrasting lipstick colors.  I chose Magnified Violetta (fave) and Frosty Angel (collecting dust), both by MAC.

                    Ombre Violetta   Ombre Frost Angel

2. Apply the darker shade to your upper lip and the lighter to your bottom lip.

3. Use a blush or eyeshadow that balances both colors.  Dab it on the top half of your bottom lip.  I combined fuchsia and red.  Ombre blush

4. If a glossy finish is desired, add a top coat of clear lip gloss.


Throwback Thursday: Dutch Fashion Reel 1969

Amsterdam is aglow this weekend with its 9th Amsterdam Fashion Week (ADW).  Rightfully, I did a little digging for retro styles of the Netherlands and stumbled upon a segment of a film called, ‘Dutch Fashion Reel’ from 1969.  It’s a small clip packed with an array of cool digs.  Some of which have circled back, thus being the story of fashion…

Amst Male Bend

Men in Plaid

Amst Male Statuesqe

Biker Boy

Amsterdam Couple 2

Monochromatic Tangerine

Amsterdam Tangerine

Belted & Ruffled

Amsterdam Couple

Reversible Cape Escorted by Top Hat

Amsterdam Solo Shot

Queen of the Night

Plastic Kaftan

Shiny Kaftan


Back View

Amsterdam Yellow Long

Lemon Cutout Bombshell

Amsterdam Yellow

Side View


Awesome Foursome

21 – 2 Legends, 1 Day

Obama inauguration

Wooo Hooooo!  What a historical day to celebrate.  Today, January 21st, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, America’s president was sworn into his second term.  No matter how opinions differ, this day will be forever marked in history and these two men will be remembered for what they are: legends.  Congratulations, President Barack Obama.  And thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for being one of many that battled, believed and triumphed.  They have motivated me and countless others in the world.  Take a look…

Obama German Latte

Obama German Latte

Italian Runway

Italian Runway

South African Cheers

South African Cheers

Little Ones in Jakarta

Little Ones in Jakarta

Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls


Peruvian Amor

Peruvian Amor

Sand Castle, India

Sand Castle, India

Dr. MLK & Powerful Words

Dr. MLK & Powerful Words

First Couple

First Couple

Golden Globes, the Perfect Square One!


Pow isn’t the word to describe the awards.  Bam blam ker-bam, diggity diggity dong.  I’ll dedicate that to the cast and crew of HBO’s original series, “GIRLS”.  I began watching during my downtime in Spain.  Wait, can I call it downtime if watching almost made me late for work?  Sorry, each Monday I had something to look forward to (I had to tune in a day late due to the time difference) and couldn’t wait until I returned to my flat.  I’m babbling – happens all too often.  So, GIRLS.  Congratulations on taking home two Golden trophies!    With her raw approach, the creator, Lena Dunham, is the embodiment of a taste-maker and trendsetter for all us onlookers ’round the globe.  Not to mention, each time she speaks, I learn a new word.  Today’s was flaccid.  Keep ’em coming, Lena!  The vocabulary droplets and the laugh out loud scripts.  Congratulations to the rest of the Golden Globe winners and fashion hits.  Some of my favourite looks were Taylor Swift, Heidi Klum (Ms. Al Vida Zein) and Kate Hudson.

Until the next global entry.  Ciao 😉

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