TBT: One of Global Lipstick’s First Posts

Quite fitting for a week of beauty!!

A little collection of things that make ya go “ooooow” that just happen to be accentuated with lipstick.

3 Blind Hues
3 Blind Hues
Beauty Portrait
Golden & Rouge
This Little Piggy Went Posh
Wall of Prague
Prague’s Best Work
Scottish Vocal Genie, Emeli Sandé

Emilie Gomis Ballin'

Olympian Slash French Goddess, Emelie Gomis
Thai Equestrians
Swiss Dolls
Swiss Dolls
Croatian Artistry
London Fog
Shine in the London Rain
King B
And what?
Heavy Metal!
Draped in Regality

 I do not own the rights to any images…except the Prague pic 😉

Music Week: Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé

Music on my mind all the time.  When I hear my favorite song, it’s like a gold mine.  Hahaha!  I might need to copyright those lines.  That was my lyrical attempt during this week of rhyming, melody, and sweet sounds.  Emeli Sandé does it a little better than me.  My li-le (little) Brit has been an obsession for about a year.  Her first single, Heaven, debuted in August of 2011 and her album, Our Version of Events, subsequently rose to number one in the UK.  Sandé continues to gain positive responses from other musicians and music-lovers all over.  She officially won me over when I heard her cover of Coldplay’s Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall.  Please listen if you haven’t already and fall in love!