Semana de Moda en las Calles: Cycle Chic

Los bicis a los éuropeos son como las tablas de surf a los californianos.  ¿A quién le hace falta un vehículo cuando un poco de movimiento de los pies te puede llevar de paseo?  El blog basado en Copenhague, Cycle Chic, encaja su estilo de vida de ciclismo y su moda divertido, haciendo el arte de quedarse moderno en ruedas parece fácil.  Estoy anotando.

La Gemela Danésa de Beyoncé

Summer MoodAmiga de La Ratona Minnie

polka dot2Un Empujón Amable

good friend2

Cycle Chic En Una Revista Italiana, Cocun

Reina del Color Rojo!

Lady in YSL

Embarazada En Bici

Black is back

Colores Pasteles Masculinos

Man With the Cool Bike

Colores del Barrio Latino de Copenhague

A lazy Copenhagen SundayMarrónes & Canastas

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2012 - 8144El Cerebro de la Operación

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2013 - 0508

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Street Style Week: Cycle Chic

Cycles to Europeans are like surfboards to Californians.  A way of life.  Who needs a motor vehicle when a little foot motion can take you for a ride?  The Copenhagen-based blog, Cycle Chic, dovetails their cycling lifestyle and funky fashion, making the art of staying stylish on wheels seem effortless.  I’m taking notes.

Beyoncé’s Danish Twin

Summer MoodMinnie Mouse Nod

polka dot2A Friendly Push

good friend2

Cycle Chic in Italian Magazine, Cocun

Red Rules!

Lady in YSL

Pregnant and Still Pushing

Black is back

Masculine Pastels

Man With the Cool Bike

Colors of Copenhagen’s Latin Quater

A lazy Copenhagen SundayBrowns & Baskets

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2012 - 8144The Brains of the Operation

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2013 - 0508

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Street Style Week: Backyard Bill

Urban + Upscale + Vintage + Dopeness + Self Expression + Worldwide = Street Style.  All that and more is how we identify street stylers.  Those that devote time to finding the best in the streets somehow find a way to capture faces and ensembles that keep us captivated.  This week, we’ll present to you some of our favorite street style blogs along with our favorites from their collections.

Backyard Bill is a New York-based blog that started as one in which subjects were photographed in Bill’s backyard.  Years later, he has moved from his backyard only to intertwining his subjects’ homes and environments.  With that, we have an intimate, funky, edgy array of fashionable folks.  Loves.


Lina Plioplyte – Brooklyn, NY resident/Lithuania native.

Theo Synnestvdedt – Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wesley O’Meara – New York.

Fillipa Berg – Stockholm, Sweden.


Amanda Merten – Las Vegas, NV native/Brooklyn, NY resident.

Tennessee Thomas – London, England native/East Village, NY resident.

Nienke VanHofslot – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Kelsey Lu McJunkins – North Carolina native/Brooklyn, NY resident.

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5 Days of Global Goodies: Birthday Edition

Ooops.  My 5 days were interrupted with the celebrating of this one’s birthday:

Bday Pina

Now, back to the global goodies!  Since it’s a birthday week, today’s featured treats are celebratory.  Not all are sweet but they are all eaten on that special day that only comes once a year.

In China, Yi mein noodles, also called longevity noodles, are eaten in hopes of living a long life.

They’re followed by longevity peach buns, a peach-shaped pastry filled with custard or red bean paste.


For the kiddies in Australia, parents make fairy bread.  It’s sliced white bread topped with butter and sprinkles.


Towers are the dish of choice in Scandinavia.  Their Kransekake is an 18-layer doughy cake made of almond rings.  Its decorations are often patriotic and festive.

In Brazil, Brigadeiros are a must.  They’re petit sweets made of chocolate, condensed milk and butter.

But let’s not forget…

And many moooore!