Sevilla Feria Week: Montaditos y Rebujito

      No good fair exists without the proper food and beverage.  The official drink of feria is a cocktail called rebujito, a mix of Sprite and Sherry.  As for the food….well montaditos (traditional Spanish mini-sandwhiches) aren’t feria-specific.  But they are quality picks for any occasion.  We all love to find good, reasonably priced bites and that’s exactly what 100 Montaditos provides.  This Spanish chain is designed around the idea of providing high quality products at competitive prices. Here, montaditos are available in 100 varieties (hence the name 🙂 ) and cost between one and two euros (about $1.30-$3) each.  Wednesdays you can get any of them for only €1 (about $1.30)!!  Most purchases at any fair tend to be overpriced.  So today, a strategic eater and feria attendee would plan to load up on €1 sandwiches then dance the night away with some rebujitos.  Even when it’s not feria time, be sure to stop at 100 Montaditos and taste something rebujito-ish if ever in Spain!
Montaditos Full
Montads y Jarra
Photo by Bill Sinclair
And the rebujito…
rebujito jar
rebujito spread Rebujito pour
                                                                               Photo from
Good news: 100 Montaditos has expanded to over 250 locations around the world, and plans to continue growing.  It’s already in Florida.  May be coming to your city next!