6 Things to Do Between Travels

Waiting for your next trip can feel like a combination of Christmas Eve and the movie “Groundhog Day”. Waiting – endlessly and impatiently. We’ve all been there. Here are some suggestions to ease your stir-crazy bug.

1. Plan your next trip. If you want trade secrets or inspiration for where to visit next,

Tanzanian Display at NY Travel Fest

Tanzanian Display at NY Travel Fest

attend a travel show. They are great for travel enthusiasts – whether you’re a writer, leisure traveler or trip organizer. Hundreds of destinations showcase their where’s, how’s and what’s in order to make travel-planning easier. In addition to making connections and learning insider tips, you may walk away with fully paid trip from one of the many raffles. Win/win/win situation. Last year, we attended the Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Expo and the New York Travel Fest. This year, we’ll be going to those as well as the New York Times Travel Show, which takes place later this month. We’ll be sure to share the scoop. Stay tuned!

2. Take a class. Are you a dancer? Are you a chef? Are you a linguist? No to them all? Well, time to pick up a new skill. Find classes on your city’s tourism website, community centers/hubs, libraries or a good ol’ Internet search. Our recent lesson of choice was painting…with a twist ;-). Watch below.

3. Eat “exotic” meals. Dining is a golden opportunity for a mental getaway, whether your fix is fondue, enchiladas or roti. I lived in France for a short period in 2012. When I returned, I filled my travel void with creamy sauces, Rosé, Camembert cheese and baguettes. (Side note: I also became a bread and cheese snob as a result of my stint there. Why the flip does orange cheese exist?!)

4. Learn a language. This is especially useful if you plan to travel to a country that speaks a foreign language. Learning the native language (at least basic greetings) will make everyone’s lives easier. As a native, of course, it will make communicating easier. As a traveler, it will increase your comfort level and help you navigate better. It will also earn you some cool points because natives will respect your efforts. You may even make friends for the next time you visit.Bonjour

Taboo Masters

Taboo Masters

5. Game night. Because…fun. There are no wrongs when Taboo is a part of your night.I’m not bragging but we’re kind of dominators when it comes to this game. Wait, was that bragging? (Puffs out chest.)

6. BUDGET! While you’re home, save money where you can. Don’t be a reckless spender. Limit the amount of times you eat out, attend happy hours, purchase a new app or use gas unnecessarily. Even better, make a separate account specifically for your travel expenses. Designate the amount and frequency you want to contribute and stick to it. It’s all about commitment.

6 Women That Work Hard and Vacation Hard

Hard working women make the world go ’round.  And they all deserve a break.  Here are six women (in no particular order) that know the value of R & R amidst manning their empires.

1.Serena Williams earlier this year in Miami, celebrating her victory at the French Open.

2. Beyoncé breaking from her Mrs. Carter World Tour and celebrating her 32nd birthday in Italy.

Photo credit: AKM GSI

3. Lady Gaga in Mexico, post her hip surgery recovery.

Lady Gaga

Photo credit: Clasos.com/Splash News

4. Ellen DeGeneres spread her comedic cheer this past Christmas in St. Bart’s.

Photo Credit: Ellen.WarnerBros.com

5. Sofia Vergara spending time during her “Modern Family” off-season in Mykonos, Greece.

6. Oprah Winfrey gives the Serengeti Safari (Tanzania, Africa) two thumbs up!Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 9.46.09 PM

Instagram Photo

Cheers to a well-balanced life!

Modelo Senegalés en la Portada de Vogue Holanda

¡Felicidades Kinee Diouf!  Ella es la primera modelo negra en la portada de Vogue Holanda, que sale en julio.  Está edición coincidentemente o estratégicamente pisa los talones de su edición controversial de mayo, que tuvo una modelo holandés con maquillaje de blackface.  Posiblemente.  A lo mejor estoy de acuerdo, como muchas de las fotos son de lejos en vez de cerca.  Controversia al lado, Ms. Diouf MATÓ la sesión, hecho por el fotógrafo estimado, Ishi.  La sesión tuvo lugar en Paradis Plage Resort en Agadir, Marruecos.  La escena, las estampas y el pintalabios son muy vibrantes.  ¡Peligro: fotos magníficas adelante!

Senegalese Model Graces Vogue Netherlands Cover

Congratulations are in order for Kinee Diouf!  She is the first Black model to claim the cover of Vogue Nederland, coming in July.  This issue coincidentally or strategically debuts on the heels of their controversial May issue, which featured a Dutch model painted in blackface.  Some say it’s a subtle apology.  Possibly.  And given that most of Ms. Diouf’s pictures are from a distance instead of close-up, I may agree.  But controversy aside, she KILLED the shoot, done by esteemed photographer, Ishi.  The spread took place at  Paradis Plage Resort in Agadir, Morocco.  Vibrant scenery, prints and lipstick.  Caution: fierce flicks ahead!