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Cure Breast CancerHi friends! It’s been awhile since our last post. We’ve been updating only from our new website. Please visit for all posts. Here are links to stories that may have not been on your reader. See on the new page :-). Can’t wait to read your latest too!



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Summertime Giveaway!!!

Extension!!!!! We were too busy enjoying the Independence Day action that we didn’t send out our reminder. So if you haven’t entered, you have until Tuesday, July 9th. Best wishes!!! Go global ūüôā

Global Lipstick

Getaway CollageGet ready!  Get ready!  Get ready! It’s time for the first Global Lipstick giveaway!  We love the Caribbean, so it’s only fitting that we offer you some of our island-inspired picks.  Follow these two easy steps for your chance to claim two items from our “5 Trends Under $50“:

  1. Follow us on Twitter @globallipstick OR like our Global Lipstick fan page on Facebook.
  2. Use #globallipstickfav to tell us what you love about traveling to the Caribbean.

That’s all to it!!  You have until 11:59pm est on July 6, 2013 (basically, a week lol) to complete your entry.  On July 7, 2013 the names of the entries will be thrown into a hat and whichever is drawn will win!  Thanks to all that have read, liked and/or commented on Global Lipstick!


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TswanaLyric: Buhle Mguni

Style, seriously.


TswanaLyric is the creation of bold and gifted Botswana designer Buhle Mguni.

Her jewelry ranges from safety pin, beading and nature inspired earrings to neck adornments that are a bold and elegant combination of Maasai necklaces and scarves.

Buhlehas received much recognition both in her native Botswana, as well as internationally.


 Buhlealso creates pieces that have a Maasai -crochet feel to them, which are favorites here at AurumEve.


Buhlegoes beyond traditional beading on safety pin themed earrings and adds a unique and more intricate design to both safety pin and her nature-inspired earrings.


All images courtesy of TswanaLyric.

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Cherry Blossom Week: Dancing Machines

¬†¬†¬†¬† Included in the lineup of events is a segment of dance called Nihon Buyo.¬† Translated, it means “Japanese Classical Dance”.¬† The performance, one¬†of the few forms¬†of Japanese art not¬†reflecting everyday life, is¬†a mix of drama, dance and music.¬† This is the time to get dolled up with flawless makeup and decked out in rare silks.¬† Men, women and children can all take the stage to take part in this modern form of expresssion.¬† Here are clips.

Lady Luck:

Little guys:

So cute!¬† Thanks for reading ūüôā

Te Queremos, Manolo Blahnik.


The following is an ode to the Spanish designer, Manolo Blahnik.¬† It’s written on behalf of anyone that wants, owns or can appreciate a pair of stems with a fit that’s just right.

The sleek material fits tightly around the firm and supple wood which stands 6 inches erect. Each glance gets me more and more excited with anticipation.¬† I’m filled with the intoxicating allure of having it wrapped around the sexist part of my body:¬†my foot!¬† This beautiful man named Manolo Blahnik¬†knows how to give me exactly what I desire and how to make me feel desirable. When I’m standing low, he elevates me. When I feel out-dated, he reminds me that vintage is always in style.¬†¬†Gaining attention¬†is never¬†a question¬†when Mr. Blahnik’s¬†in the room;¬†the way he flirtatiously hugs my arches is magnificent.¬† The lengths of which his efforts satisfy my tippy-toed needs know no bounds.¬† Whether it be making me look pretty in pink or strong in gladiators, he gives it to me the way I love it.

Gracias por los zapatos perfectos!

“Shoes? I know…”

5 Overlooked Travel Tips

1. Always carry your emergency utelsils spoon.

Hunger is likely to creep up at any moment and you must be prepared.¬† I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to eat a little yogurt but couldn’t because I was missing my tool.¬† I¬†say spoon because it’s the most multifunctional of the utensil family.¬† As the King said in The King and I in reference to forks, “you pick up the food and it leaks”.

2. Visit local grocery stores for culinary delights.

I have a slight obsession with grocery stores.¬† It’s magnified when I travel and for good reason.¬† They are usually healthier than dining out (if you make the right choices).¬† They’re also¬†cheaper for daily eats and souvenirs.¬† In Germany I found a macadamia¬† spread at DM that still makes me salivate¬†at the thought.¬†And when I visited Amsterdam, instead of buying my delicious stroopwafels from the gift shop, I found them for half the price at the grocery store.¬† The list goes on!

3. If suitcase weight and space are limited, wear your bulkiest, heaviest items aboard the plane.

This is one of the best ways to negate those exorbitant overweight luggage fees.  If needed, wear multiple layers even.  You might bear a resemblance to Stay Puft Marshamllow Man (Ghostbusters) but at least you will have $25-$100 more for grocery trips.


4. Engage with Locals

(Disclaimer: Always be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to avoid danger.)

This has been and will always be my favorite part of travelling.¬† For some, it¬†comes naturally.¬† But for non social butterflies, add this to your to-do¬†list.¬† You’ll be pleased to learn the city’s secrets that are not always published in¬†destination guides.¬† I attended¬†my most memorable new year’s celebration in Lisbon. It came about by¬†chatting with a man that sat beside me in the food court.¬† If¬†nothing else, meeting new people¬†always creates good fun.



5. Wander, wander and wander some more.

I have always found the best restaurants, boutiques,¬†musicians and photo ops in unplanned¬†journeys.¬† There’s something extremely satisfying about accidental astonishments.¬† The time my friend and I were¬†roamed for hours in¬†Venice but¬†had our “meal of the year” at a nondiscript eatery.¬† The time in Madrid we searched high and low (to no avail) for a highly recommended vegetarian restaurant but decided on a place away from the clutter.¬† The paella pan was clean in 20 minutes.

Ok, so¬†many of my examples are food-related.¬† I’m busted. But believe me, they are all handy and can be personalized for your¬†own travels.

Happy World Nutella Day!

Sweet Italians, I tell ya.¬† They’re responsible for the Nutella¬†craze and addiction of many.¬† Thanks to Mr. Ferrero we have new ways to fill our crepes,¬†top our toast and¬†whip up smoothies.¬† Poor peanut butter never had such competition.¬† Whether you’re in Italy or any of the other 26 countries privy to the hazelnut spread, take a scoop and be merry.

21 – 2 Legends, 1 Day

Obama inauguration

Wooo¬†Hooooo!¬† What a historical day to celebrate.¬† Today, January 21st, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, America’s president was sworn into his second term.¬† No matter how¬†opinions differ, this day will be forever marked in history and these two men will be remembered for what they are: legends.¬† Congratulations, President Barack Obama.¬† And thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for being one of many that battled, believed and triumphed.¬† They have motivated me and countless others in the world.¬† Take a look…

Obama German Latte

Obama German Latte

Italian Runway

Italian Runway

South African Cheers

South African Cheers

Little Ones in Jakarta

Little Ones in Jakarta

Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls


Peruvian Amor

Peruvian Amor

Sand Castle, India

Sand Castle, India

Dr. MLK & Powerful Words

Dr. MLK & Powerful Words

First Couple

First Couple