6 Things to Do Between Travels

Waiting for your next trip can feel like a combination of Christmas Eve and the movie “Groundhog Day”. Waiting – endlessly and impatiently. We’ve all been there. Here are some suggestions to ease your stir-crazy bug.

1. Plan your next trip. If you want trade secrets or inspiration for where to visit next,

Tanzanian Display at NY Travel Fest

Tanzanian Display at NY Travel Fest

attend a travel show. They are great for travel enthusiasts – whether you’re a writer, leisure traveler or trip organizer. Hundreds of destinations showcase their where’s, how’s and what’s in order to make travel-planning easier. In addition to making connections and learning insider tips, you may walk away with fully paid trip from one of the many raffles. Win/win/win situation. Last year, we attended the Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Expo and the New York Travel Fest. This year, we’ll be going to those as well as the New York Times Travel Show, which takes place later this month. We’ll be sure to share the scoop. Stay tuned!

2. Take a class. Are you a dancer? Are you a chef? Are you a linguist? No to them all? Well, time to pick up a new skill. Find classes on your city’s tourism website, community centers/hubs, libraries or a good ol’ Internet search. Our recent lesson of choice was painting…with a twist ;-). Watch below.

3. Eat “exotic” meals. Dining is a golden opportunity for a mental getaway, whether your fix is fondue, enchiladas or roti. I lived in France for a short period in 2012. When I returned, I filled my travel void with creamy sauces, Rosé, Camembert cheese and baguettes. (Side note: I also became a bread and cheese snob as a result of my stint there. Why the flip does orange cheese exist?!)

4. Learn a language. This is especially useful if you plan to travel to a country that speaks a foreign language. Learning the native language (at least basic greetings) will make everyone’s lives easier. As a native, of course, it will make communicating easier. As a traveler, it will increase your comfort level and help you navigate better. It will also earn you some cool points because natives will respect your efforts. You may even make friends for the next time you visit.Bonjour

Taboo Masters

Taboo Masters

5. Game night. Because…fun. There are no wrongs when Taboo is a part of your night.I’m not bragging but we’re kind of dominators when it comes to this game. Wait, was that bragging? (Puffs out chest.)

6. BUDGET! While you’re home, save money where you can. Don’t be a reckless spender. Limit the amount of times you eat out, attend happy hours, purchase a new app or use gas unnecessarily. Even better, make a separate account specifically for your travel expenses. Designate the amount and frequency you want to contribute and stick to it. It’s all about commitment.

Wednesday Wish: Budapest, Hungary

We’ve shared some happening festivals that take place around the world this month.  Our “Wednesday Wish” is to be whisked away to Budapest to partake in the 22nd Budapest International Wine Festival, which commences today.  From humble beginnings to the most prestigious wine festival in all of Hungary, this attraction is much more than fermented grapes.  It fuses Hungarian traditions with modern entertainment, tastes of European foods – there’s a special competition dedicated to cheese – and a Wine University that imparts wisdom to those thirsty for perfecting their wine experiences .  Last year, over tens of thousands of sommeliers attended.  This year, even more will gather at the Buda Castle and sip in the streets (including us ;-)).  Great day to be in Eastern Europe.

Buda Castle

Photo from Four Seasons Magazine


Photo from visitbudapest.travel

Corks, corks, and more corks!

Photo from welovebudapest.com

Tokaji, Hungarian Wine

Photo from geomerid.com

Live Jazz

Photo from aborfesztival.hu

Hungarian Folklore DancingPhoto from aborfesztival.hu

6 Women That Work Hard and Vacation Hard

Hard working women make the world go ’round.  And they all deserve a break.  Here are six women (in no particular order) that know the value of R & R amidst manning their empires.

1.Serena Williams earlier this year in Miami, celebrating her victory at the French Open.

2. Beyoncé breaking from her Mrs. Carter World Tour and celebrating her 32nd birthday in Italy.

Photo credit: AKM GSI

3. Lady Gaga in Mexico, post her hip surgery recovery.

Lady Gaga

Photo credit: Clasos.com/Splash News

4. Ellen DeGeneres spread her comedic cheer this past Christmas in St. Bart’s.

Photo Credit: Ellen.WarnerBros.com

5. Sofia Vergara spending time during her “Modern Family” off-season in Mykonos, Greece.

6. Oprah Winfrey gives the Serengeti Safari (Tanzania, Africa) two thumbs up!Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 9.46.09 PM

Instagram Photo

Cheers to a well-balanced life!

Wednesday Wish: Antalya, Turkey

We all tend to think that the best vacationing takes place between June and August.  But September is primetime to visit a cluster of destinations around the world.  Anywhere in Turkey would be a home run; the weather is just right and the overflow of tourists depletes.  The Turkish Riviera is steadily on the rise.  Its coastal city of Antalya is one that will soon be one of the most sought after in the Mediterranean.  Full of rare foods, vibrant scenery, blue-green beaches and impeccable hotels.  Start planning your trip 😉

The Mardan Palace

Courtesy of the Mardan Hotel

Topkapi Palace

Antalya’s Specialty: Burnt Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Antalya City Blog

A place also known for its jams.

Photo from goturkey.com

Aerial View

Ancient Lycian Rock Tomb

See you there!

Budweiser Made In America Music Festival Day 2

Day 2 of M.I.A. packed just as much of a musical punch as the first.  All the acts that hit the stage brought their A game with them.  Turn UP!

Miguel brought the sexy when he hit the stage.

Miguel brought the sexy when he hit the stage.

2013-09-01 at 5.42.16 PM

Miguel glided across the stage with moves reminiscent of Prince

Miguel glided across the stage with moves reminiscent of Prince.

Even though it felt like 2 million degrees, the crowd kept the party going.

Even though it felt like 2 million degrees, the crowd kept the party going.

Next up was the Taylor Gang King himself, WIz Khalifa

Next up was the Taylor Gang King himself, WIz Khalifa

2013-09-01 at 6.23.35 PM

Absolutely LOVED when he brought out his baby Amber Rose. (B.T. Dubs Amber is from Philly!)

Absolutely LOVED when he brought out his baby Amber Rose. (B.T. Dubs Amber is from Philly!)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis brought a little West Cost flavor to M.I.A. and duo did not disappoint.

2013-09-01 at 6.42.50 PM

Of course they had to take us to the "Thrift Shop"

Of course they had to take us to the “Thrift Shop

Calvin Harris could not be stopped on the 1's and 2's

Calvin Harris could not be stopped on the 1’s and 2’s and his visual effects were CRAZY!

Last but certainly not least Nine Inch Nails closed the festival out and blew the crowd away with their awesome performance.

Last but certainly not least Nine Inch Nails closed the festival out and blew the crowd away with their awesome performance.

9.45.03 PM 1

M.I.A was unbelievable this year.  Can’t wait to TURN UP next year!

Leggo My Eggo!

It’s another foodie holiday!  National Waffle Day is today.  Once upon a time, I would battle anyone for an Eggo waffle.  But today, I indulged with a modern twist – a waffle bowl filled with ice cream from one of the bestest creameries in the country.  Cold Stone.  The “Founders Favorite” with vanilla ice cream, brownies, pecans, caramel and chocolate drizzle makes me smile every time :-).  How did you celebrate?

Cold Stone Waffle Bowl

Oh, and we can’t neglect our love of the original gaufres, straight outta Belgium.


Gastronomic globalization all around us!

Carnaval de Barbados – El Día Kadooment

El Festival Crop Over de Barbados se ha acabado :-(.  Pero terminó con mucha diversión.  Eso es el concepto del Día Gran Kadooment!  Es su gran final, que tiene lugar anualmente el primer lunes de Agosto.  Bad Gal RiRi (Rihanna) asistió y festejó como una nativa verdadera de Barbados.  Los isleños lo hacen mejor!  Mira.

Foto: Curtis Means/ACE


Foto: Nation News

Foto: BajanTube

No más fiesta 😦

Barbados Carnival – Kadooment Day

Barbados’ Crop Over Festival has come to an end :-(.  But it did so with a bang.  That’s the nature of Grand Kadooment Day!  It’s their big finale, held annually on the first Monday in August.  Bad Gal RiRi of course was present and partying in true Bajan fashion.  Islanders do it best!  Look and see.

Photo: Curtis Means/ACE


Photo: Nation News

Photos: BajanTube

The Party Dun!

Wednesday Wish: Bora Bora


Wednesdays are becoming my new favorite weekday.  This week’s stop is Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

First thing’s first.  The date would be inclusive of their annual Heiva Festival.  Looking at a clip from this year’s Heiva, the answer is simple.

And since those little outfits are too cute, I’d have to find one.

….along with some Polynesian-style art.

Instead of eating everything off of a green leaf, like in Bali, pass the coconut!

And I would lay my head down every night (or early morning) at Le Meridian Resort, smack dab on the water!

^^backyard pool^^ 😉

Last Day To Enter Our Summer Giveaway!!!

Reminder!  9 hours left to enter.  Anyone, anywhere around the globe is eligible!!!

Getaway CollageGet ready!  Get ready!  Get ready! It’s time for the first Global Lipstick giveaway!  We love the Caribbean, so it’s only fitting that we offer you some of our island-inspired picks.  Follow these two easy steps for your chance to claim two items from our “5 Trends Under $50“:

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