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AAAh! It’s been an entire week since our last post.  Work has been keeping us busy.  Bad us!  We’ve so missed the blog life and love.  But we’re back 😉  Back to reporting on the world of fun and freshness.  Stay tuned for the next update á la Global Lipstick!

Glad none of you would ever treat us like her ^^^!


Image from the motion picture, Matilda.

Semana de Consejos de Viajar: Compañeros de Viaje

Allen de la película, La Resaca, nos ha enseñado que necesitamos escoger sabiamente las personas del Wolf Pack.  Los compañeros de viaje pueden mejorar o empeorar una vacación.  A veces, no se conoce a otra persona hasta que estén fuera…juntos…sin escape.  Para preservar la amistad y tu experiencia en un sitio nuevo, tienes que hacer algunas cositas antes de invitar tu mejor amig@, novio o mamá a Bangkok.  Son muy sencillas pero igual son absolutamente imperativas.

1.   Nótate las diferencias entre ti y tu compañero potencial de viaje.  Si te gusta vagar por las calles y acostarte/dormirte tarde, a lo mejor debes evitar el amigo que le guste más estructura en la vida.  Igual con el amigo que busque un rendezvous y a ti te interesa más la vista de todo o el amigo que sea prudente y tu eres espontáneo.  Estas cosas no se molestan normalmente pero durante una vacación, pueden ser más problemáticas.

2.  Habla francamente.  Una charla informal.  Hablen de las cosas que les gustan/no les gustan cuando viajen.  Decidan cuanto dinero es necesario llevar (sí, el tema de dinero es difícil pero si hay una gran diferencia entre sus presupuestos, valdrá la pena).  Provean un resumen en breve de lo que quieren hacer durante el viaje.  Si todos entienden y están de acuerdo de las expectativas, el viaje será facilísimo.

3. Empareja los destinos con las personalidades.  Algunas personas prefieren la playa.  Algunas prefieren el campo.  Algunas prefieren la ciudad.  Todo el mundo no tiene el estilo de viajar como un camaleón – entendemos.  Si sabes las atmósferas en donde tus amigos se adaptan bien (o en donde tú los puedes soportar 😉 ), escoge uno de esos destinos.  Por ejemplo, a lo mejor, invitaré Snooki a Miami antes de invitarle a Mónaco.  Dudo que están preparados para recibir a ella en Monte Carlo.

4. No tengas miedo de separarse por unas horas y reunirse.  Aún la gente con mucho en común tiene intereses distintos.  Si este ocurre, hagan lo que quieren hacer separados y encuéntrense para cenar.  Este es algo que deben incluir en la conversación antes de salir, especialmente si estás viajando con una otra persona sola.  Todo el mundo no está cómodo caminando solo en lugares extranjeros.  Avísale antes para evitar la hostilidad.

5.  Empieza con una excursión pequeña.  Si puedes, vete de viaje como una ¨prueba¨.  Una que queda una o dos horas de casa antes de planear otro viaje más grande, fuera del país.  Aprenderás un montón!

¿Quién será tu compañero? 😉

Travel Tip Week: Travel Buddies

Allen from the Hangover has taught us best that we should make wise decisions when deciding who makes The Wolf Pack.  Travel companions can make or break an enjoyable vacation.  And sometimes, you never really know a person until you’re away…together…no escape.  So, in order to preserve some friendships and even your experience in a new place, there are some things to do before inviting your bff, boyfriend or mother to be your wingman as you trot through the streets of Bangkok.  They’re very simple but absolutely imperative.

1.  Take note of you and your potential travel mate’s differences.  If you are one that likes to wander about, sleep late and stay up all night, you may want to stay away from the friend that likes more structure.  The same rule applies for friends that are in search of a rendezvous and you are more interested in scenery, one that is very cautious and you are spontaneous.  These things may not be bothersome on average but are magnified while on vacation.

2.  Have an open discussion.  Nothing too formal.  Talk about the things you like/dislike when you travel.  Discuss how much spending money is required (yes, money matters can be difficult to address but it will be beneficial if your budgets are notably different).  Give each other a brief overview of what all you want to do while away.  If everyone understands and is in agreement of what to expect, the journey will be easy peasy.

3.  Match destinations with personalities.  Some people prefer the beach.  Some people prefer the countryside.  Some people prefer the city.  Not everyone is a chameleon traveler and that’s ok.  If you know which friends adjust better in certain locations (or where you can tolerate them best), choose accordingly.  For example, I would most likely ask Snooki to come to Miami with me before Monaco.  I don’t know if they’re ready for her in Monte Carlo just yet.

4.  Don’t be afraid to separate for a few hours and reunite.  Even those that have the most in common can have different interest.  When this happens, venture out on your own and come back together for dinner.  This potential plan should also be addressed in the pre-departure conversation, especially if you are traveling with only one other person.  Not everyone feels comfortable roaming solo in a foreign place, so in order to avoid hurt feelings, give a little warning.

5.  Start small.  If you are able to test the waters, go on a small trip that is one or two hours away from home before arranging to leave the state/country together.  You’ll learn a lot!

So, who will it be? 😉

Jewelry Week: Great Gatsby & Tiffany & Co.

      The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite reads in high school.  There’s a possibility I should have been a 20’s baby – just sayin’.  With the release of the Gatsby film, the throwback theme is ever-present and perfect for us that adore its upscale sophistication.  What makes it such a distinctive era is, yes, the jewels.  Diamonds and pearls.  Feathers and tassels.  Headpieces and blinged brooches.  There has not been another decade like it.  Australian costume designer, Catherine Martin, was able to translate the feel of the age of the flapper to the big screen.  The movie’s collection of intricate pieces, provided by Tiffany & Co., can be considered another Gatsby character.

Below, Catherine Martin tells the story of key jewelry selections for the film.


So, as we see ladies wearing more of these:

And these:

We’ll think of them:



Eye Candy Week: Actors’ Corner

Lights, camera, action!

Idris Elba

Idris Elba

Vasiliy Stepanov

Vasiliy Stepanov

Adam Rodirguez

Adam Rodirguez

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Gael Garcia Bernal

Gael Garcia Bernal

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

Tolgahan Sayışman

Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy


Kerem Cem

Kerem Cem

Ocean’s 3


I do not own the rights to any of these photos.

Throwback Thursday: Diana Ross in Mahogany

           Ms. Ross Mahogany Train

Mahogany, a stylish classic.  Ms. Diana Ross played an upscale apparel designer that relocated from Chicago to Rome, Italy.  However, the character wasn’t a stretch from the actress.  Ms. Ross “came out” as the movie’s costume designer, dazzling the screne with avant-garde looks only she could own.  No doubt that she is the captain of team fabulous!

Ms. Ross Rome Arrival 2

Benvenuti a Italia

  Ms. Ross Mahogany 2

Ms. Ross Mahogany Film

Ms. Ross Mahogany Shoot


Mahogany Caesar

Mahogany Snow Fairy   Mahogany Holiday

Mahogany Billboard

Mahogany Exposure Mahogany Design

Mahogany Mucho Grazie

Improvising the Italian Language

Mahogany Ciao

Mahogany Home

Gaw-geous until the end!