Tasty Tuesday: The Cronut Culprit

The “cronut craze” has taken off rapidly and is driving countless New Yorkers to rise early and wait hours for a bite.  What’s a cronut?  It is a cross between a croissant and a doughnut (AKA a fried croissant with a hole) and the new “it” pastry.  Copycats are sprouting and scalpers, yes scalpers, are profiting by delivering them for a cool $100 each.  All of this at the hands of Frenchman, Chef Dominique Ansel.  Born just north of Paris, Ansel has left his mark in kitchens around the world.  Now the goods from his self-titled bakery are on the verge of overshadowing another trendy French treat, macarons.  If he starts making mini cronuts, he may win that battle for sure.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Senegalese Model Graces Vogue Netherlands Cover

Congratulations are in order for Kinee Diouf!  She is the first Black model to claim the cover of Vogue Nederland, coming in July.  This issue coincidentally or strategically debuts on the heels of their controversial May issue, which featured a Dutch model painted in blackface.  Some say it’s a subtle apology.  Possibly.  And given that most of Ms. Diouf’s pictures are from a distance instead of close-up, I may agree.  But controversy aside, she KILLED the shoot, done by esteemed photographer, Ishi.  The spread took place at  Paradis Plage Resort in Agadir, Morocco.  Vibrant scenery, prints and lipstick.  Caution: fierce flicks ahead!

Snapshot Stories: Welcome to Dubrovnik!

Is it going to be as beautiful as everyone claims?  Is the Adriatic Sea really that blue?  Most importantly, will I be able to capture it on camera?  Yes, yes and yes!!!  Breathtaking.  There are destinations and attractions that fall short of their hype, so a very small piece of me was a Doubting Thomas.  Thankfully, Dubrovnik was NOT one of those destinations.  This photo was snapped on the ride from the airport, at the point of realization and appreciation that the city exceeded its reputation.  Every traveler’s dream 🙂 .


Snapshot Stories: Vendors in Peru

This is the kind of woman you will encounter if ever in the Andean city of Huaraz, Peru.  Often wearing a hat, sometimes with a niño (child) strapped tightly, always with a pop of color.  They are always walking, dancing or working in their “polleras”, which are fluttery skirts that range from very basic to very elaborate.  In this photo, we were exploring the mountains and came across these beautiful ladies in basic polleras as they prepared choclo (similar to corn on the cob but larger kernels) and cuy (guinea pig) for sight-seers.  Their stripes and neons immediately caught my eye ;-).


5 Steps To An Unforgettable Vacation

Now that you’ve selected the perfect flight, travel buddy and packed just enough clothes, it’s time for the fun to begin!  Here are five ways to make the most of your journey.

1.  Use a combination of travel guide books and wandering.  There are some “must-sees” in every part of the world.  For that we have our Lonely Planets and Rick Steves books to help us along the way.  These books provide information on sites to visit, hours of operation and how to score cheap entrance fees.  However, it’s impossible for them to know the entire layout of every city.  That’s where wandering and making your own discoveries come in.  (This is especially important for those staying on a resort.  Life is different outside of resort property and worth knowing.)  You can make a day of it or just an hour, either is worth the effort.  When I travel, the only information I need in advance is what the best food is and where to get it.  That, I look up prior to my departure and build my plans around it.  The hunt-find-satisfaction are rewarding!

2.  Get a local perspective.  This goes hand-in-hand with exploring the city.  Who knows the city better than those that reside there?  If you have the chance, get some native insight.  They’ll let you know the cheapest way to get around (for example, someone in Vegas informed us that it’s cheaper to purchase bus tickets if you board behind the strip, not on it), little known restaurants (mom and pops are always the best) and great places to shop (such as local markets).  Combined, it makes a well-rounded trip.

3.  Enjoy the night view.  This is mainly for big cities.  Everything looks better at night.  So, if you’re tired from sight seeing all day or if you have plans to party the night away, make sure you take a moment to absorb the lights and calmer atmosphere.  Best of all, it makes for a great photo!

4.  Take touristy pictures.  Yes, they are cliché and you may feel a little goofy in the process.  But they’re so fun and memorable.  When you glance back, you’ll appreciate looking like you have an Egyptian pyramid in the palm of your hand or you’re kicking down the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

5.  Have a souvenir style.  Post cards are simple and they capture a destination’s gist.  But there are additional options.  Should you go the post card route, make that the common thread of all your travels – a collection.  The same can be done with key chains, pins and t-shirts.  Another option, is purchasing something that’s useful in that specific place.  In Mexico, I was obsessed with everything that was freshly squeezed, so I bought a small citrus squeezer.  It’s small, practical and each time I pull it out, it’s a quick flashback to a great visit.

Bon voyage!

Jewelry Week: Interview with Designer, GG Sirrah

GGFavecharlotte web

GG wearing her favorite necklace, Charlotte’s Web

Global Lipstick loves all things fashion.  We also have a compelling desire to accessorize, so naturally we are always looking for new sources to feed our jewelry fetish.  Jewels are the icing on the cake that is an ensemble and Ms. Germaine Harris, aka GG Sirrah, is a pro at creating unique “icing”.  She has been independently designing and crafting jeweled art for only three years but has garnered an impeccable collection and customer base.  GG Sirrah.  The name itself is fierce, matching the up-and-coming designer’s spicy sparkle.  This Brooklynite showcases her bold, fantastic personality in each piece to which she lends her name.  When you adorn her jewelry, you are truly blessed with an extension of GG’s heart.

We had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Ms. Harris and got a small glimpse of her life as a jewelista.

GL:  How old were you when you fell in love with jewelry?

GG:  I don’t remember my exact age, I just remember my grandmother wearing all her jewelry and falling in love with how it made her look.  I remember going into her room and putting on all her different pieces and admiring myself in the mirror.

GL:  When did you start selling your jewelry professionally?

GG:  In 2010 I was laid off from my job at Macy’s.  I took that as a sign to turn my passion for making and selling jewelry into doing so full-time.

GL:  What inspires your designs?

GG:  It depends!  Most of the time I can just take one bead, look at it and know how each part of that particular piece will fall into place.  Seeing a design in my mind gets me excited!

GL:  What do you love most about making your jewelry?

GG:  I don’t (she laughs).  Honestly, I don’t actively  enjoy making the pieces.   Sitting down in one place for three hours for me is not fun but I love the end result.  I love to see the joy my customers have when they wear something I created.

GL:  What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

GG:  It’s called Charlottes’ Web.  I didn’t even design it (she laughs).  It’s from a wholesaler that I work with but I love it!  In fact, I wore it (the necklace) to an event where I was a vendor and one of the event planners wanted to buy it off my neck for his wife.  He even offered to pay what I originally paid but I said, “heck no!”  What actually ended up happening was the same wholesaler sent me another one in a shipment.  I called the man and let him know (he could purchase mine) and he said, “Of course, I want it.”  So I brought it to where he lived and he said his wife couldn’t have been more excited!

GL:  What are your favorite materials to work with?

GG:  Precious stones.  No two are alike, which makes no two pieces the same.  That’s why my customers are loyal because they know even if I make 5 of the “same” thing the one they get will be one-of-a-kind.

Check out some of GG’s favorite designs and one-of-a-kind selections!

For work:

GGPearlChainNeckChain and Pearl Necklace

For Play:


Lucite Fluorescent Beaded Bracelet


Wooden, Metal & Horn Pendant Necklace

For the nighttime:


Black & Gold Layered Chain Necklace

You can find all of GG Sirrahs’ BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL jewelry and assecories  at http://www.ggsirrah.com. Also like her on instagram and twitter @ggsirrah.

Flashback Friday: Kentucky Derby Fashion

     The year is 1955.  Kentucky’s event of the year is going down, The Run for the Roses.  Men place their bets, jockeys prep their ponies and women are in chic suspense at Churchill Downs.  Today, the importance of fashion vs. the race itself is about 50/50.  But 58 years ago, the focus on the winning horse tipped the scale.  Women came a little less glamorous, yet still very fashionable.  With more horse racing at the 138th annual Preakness Stakes just a day away, we anticipate more dainty and dapper wear from spectators.  Some glam, some casual, some glam-cas .  First here’s a quick trip back to how the Derby once was done.

The Tea Length Dress Crew

Derby Day 1955       Derby Day2 1955

The Cat Eye Crew

Derby Cat EyesDerby Rainy Day

The “My horse just won!” Top Hat Crew

Derby CheerDerby Diamond Jim Moran

Most trends have cycled back.  But notice, none of the ladies are sporting deluxe wide-brimmed hats.  That trend came around in the 60’s, when attire became less stringent and television became more prevalent – a recipe for women to put on a show 😉

Check out her hat, pearls, fur and gloves.  Camera ready!

Middle photos provided by time.life.com

What Is Global Lipstick?

This question arrises often.  Anytime someone hears the name, the conversation or train of thought goes as follows, “That’s so cute! What does it mean? It’s not about makeup? Is it about someone’s travels?”  It’s like Pandora’s Box.  So, here is Global Lipstick defined.

The name itself is a marriage of strength and softness.  Both traits inhabit a Global Lipstick reader.  You delight in having balance in life overall.  You’re most likely a trailblazer and yearn to leave your mark on the world – in whatever hue you fancy.  You dabble in what’s mainstream but the real fun comes from your own unique discoveries.  You are inquisitive, open-minded and a niche-carver.

The content of the blog can be broken down into four categories (usually):

Style – Whether it be a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, a fresh runway look or a vintage steal, we take it and make it our own.

Fun – travel, music, art, travel, picnics, dance, street conversations, game nights, karaoke, travel…did I forget travel?  The list goes on.  This category might be a personal favorite 😉

Food – adventurous palates! We thrive on foodie excursions.  Any dine outing is an opportunity to visit one of the dozens of restaurants you’ve wanted to try, not where you just ate last week.  Same rules apply to cooking and new recipes!

People – influencers.  We love to inspire and be inspired.  Those highlighted here make statements and are exemplary to us that want to be better and do better.

All topics are approached with a worldly eye.

So, that’s Global Lipstick.  Hopefully you come across something new and useful whenever you stop by.  As always, thank you for reading.

Besos.  Bisous.  Kisses. 🙂

5 Days of Global Goodies

Birthday Treats

This week is my sister’s birthday.  So, in honor of her sweet tooth existence, let’s shine a light on los postres, les gourmands, i dolci!  Yes, the rest of the week is all about the sweets.  I’ll begin with some of her favorites.


The napolitano de chocolate (in Spain), pain au chocolat (in France), chocolate-filled croissant (in the US).  The first and best placed she ate these were at a bus stop in Madrid.  Who woulda thunk it?  According to her, the bakeries didn’t hold a candle to the bus stop. Take notes, bakers!


Hol-y cow…the death of us both.  Stroopwafels.  They’re just so good, I don’t know where to begin.  A Dutch specialty, this waffle sandwich is all kinds of irresistible. It’s made of two thin waffles with a caramel syrup holding them together.  It puts you right on the edge of a sugar high.  They’re sweet but the cinnamon cuts the sugar just enough to make you think that you’re not really consuming 50g of sugar.  And its softness somehow makes you eat them twice as fast.  They’re typically eaten with tea.  BUT, I discovered that dipped in Cream of Wheat….uuuh!


Llaollao (pronounced yao-yao), another Spanish must.  I’m no frozen yogurt connoisseur but this is the best we’ve had.  It’s a tangy, tart, sweet cup.  Ordering the ‘Sanum’ is the best deal.  You’re able to choose three different fruits, a chopped topping and a drizzle.  Mine goes a little something like this, “un sanum con kiwi piña, fresa, muesli y chocolate, por favor.”  Translated, “a sanum with kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, granola and chocolate, please.”  Wait a minute or two for it to soften so that everything blends together.  Can’t beat it.

Carrot Cake

Good ol’ American carrot cake.  Not much else to say.  Just yum!!!

Happy Hump Day 😉