6 Women That Work Hard and Vacation Hard

Hard working women make the world go ’round.  And they all deserve a break.  Here are six women (in no particular order) that know the value of R & R amidst manning their empires.

1.Serena Williams earlier this year in Miami, celebrating her victory at the French Open.

2. Beyoncé breaking from her Mrs. Carter World Tour and celebrating her 32nd birthday in Italy.

Photo credit: AKM GSI

3. Lady Gaga in Mexico, post her hip surgery recovery.

Lady Gaga

Photo credit: Clasos.com/Splash News

4. Ellen DeGeneres spread her comedic cheer this past Christmas in St. Bart’s.

Photo Credit: Ellen.WarnerBros.com

5. Sofia Vergara spending time during her “Modern Family” off-season in Mykonos, Greece.

6. Oprah Winfrey gives the Serengeti Safari (Tanzania, Africa) two thumbs up!Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 9.46.09 PM

Instagram Photo

Cheers to a well-balanced life!

Budweiser Made In America Music Festival Day 2

Day 2 of M.I.A. packed just as much of a musical punch as the first.  All the acts that hit the stage brought their A game with them.  Turn UP!

Miguel brought the sexy when he hit the stage.

Miguel brought the sexy when he hit the stage.

2013-09-01 at 5.42.16 PM

Miguel glided across the stage with moves reminiscent of Prince

Miguel glided across the stage with moves reminiscent of Prince.

Even though it felt like 2 million degrees, the crowd kept the party going.

Even though it felt like 2 million degrees, the crowd kept the party going.

Next up was the Taylor Gang King himself, WIz Khalifa

Next up was the Taylor Gang King himself, WIz Khalifa

2013-09-01 at 6.23.35 PM

Absolutely LOVED when he brought out his baby Amber Rose. (B.T. Dubs Amber is from Philly!)

Absolutely LOVED when he brought out his baby Amber Rose. (B.T. Dubs Amber is from Philly!)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis brought a little West Cost flavor to M.I.A. and duo did not disappoint.

2013-09-01 at 6.42.50 PM

Of course they had to take us to the "Thrift Shop"

Of course they had to take us to the “Thrift Shop

Calvin Harris could not be stopped on the 1's and 2's

Calvin Harris could not be stopped on the 1’s and 2’s and his visual effects were CRAZY!

Last but certainly not least Nine Inch Nails closed the festival out and blew the crowd away with their awesome performance.

Last but certainly not least Nine Inch Nails closed the festival out and blew the crowd away with their awesome performance.

9.45.03 PM 1

M.I.A was unbelievable this year.  Can’t wait to TURN UP next year!

Beauty Week: Passport to Beauty

Beauty is one of those words that is truly universal.  No matter the translation or interpretation, it’s understood and appreciated.  Author and beauty expert, Shalini Vhadera wrote the book, Passport to Beauty, for us all to release our inner “Global Goddess”.  In it, she reveals beauty secrets of women around the world.  Conveniently, they can all be done in your own kitchen.

  1. In Greece, women (aka original goddesses) grind the pits of their famous olives, add them to olive oil and use the mix as a full body scrub to cleanse and remove dead skin.
  2. Japanese use sake (when they’re not throwing it back ;-)) to exfoliate and to fade dark spots.  They also take the line “drink your bathwater” to another level, adding it to their tub time as a way to detox the body.
  3. Here in the US, Georgia peaches rub their state fruit (high in vitamin C) on their faces to give their skin a youthful glow.  So that’s Nene’s secret….?
  4. The chicas in Chile rejuvenate with a grape and flour mask on their face and/or body.
  5. Indian spices go a long way.  One of their secrets is a mix tamarack and yogurt to prevent stretch marks.  Perfect for all the mamas-to-be.
  6. The mujeres in Mexico keep their hands intact by mixing lemon juice with sugar and scrubbing away.  I guess an alternative would be dabbing a little lemonade in any problem areas hehe.

Effective, quick and simple secrets.  All sound like winners to me.  For more, start trekking around the globe to search and discover….or just get your copy of Passport to Beauty

Beauty Week: Interview with Makeup Artist, Alexandra Butler

We here at Global Lipstick believe that culture is cool….hues are too!  We love to see women owning it, workin’ it, and doing it OVER THE WORLD!!!  One of the most basic ways to accomplish all of the above is to have the confidence to get it done. CONFIDENCE IS KEY. Period.  Makeup artist/teacher Alexandra “Alex” Butler gives women the flawless look they need to face the world.  Her artistry has been seen on VH1, Bravo, Us Weekly, numerous brides and more.  Most recently, she has taken her expertise on tour with her class, “A Beautiful Face: Makeup 101”.  She’s sharing her skills with friends and fans in nine cities across the US (upcoming dates HERE).  We talked to her about her life in the  of concealing and confidence-boosting and here is what she had to say.

GL: How did you discover your love of makeup?

Alex: As a kid, I was always into the arts. I was an artistic child. As I got older, I started to pay more attention to fashion. I would watch reality shows where they would take someone, and transform them into somebody else. I saw how it made women feel, and how the transformation was just phenomenal. I said to myself, “I could get into something like that.”

GL: Do you have any formal training?

Alex: Nope.

GL: Who are some people you look up to or who’s work you admire?

Alex: Up and coming artist. To me, the artists on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook give me a lot of inspiration. As an artist, sometimes you fall into a rut. The girls online are willing to try different things. Seeing them helps you refresh your skills.

GL: What’s you best and worst makeover story?

Alex: My best and worst makeover story are about the same client being the best and the worst at the same damn time! A young lady had some acne scarring, blemishes, and spots on her face (like we all do). I just saw her as another beautiful canvas I was going to enhance. I took her before and after picture, and posted it on Instagram. Somehow, the picture got into the hands of a lot of people. Some other makeup artists were calling the picture theirs (which lead me from then on to water mark all my photos). People were saying the picture was photoshopped, saying it was two different people, calling me a witch doing witchcraft; they were goin in! That was the worst. What made it the best was that from it, so many of the right people saw it. It allowed them to see the extent of what I can do as an artist. Many doors got opened from that photo.

GL: Who are some celebritites you’ve worked with?

Alex: I’ve worked with Da Brat, Sommore, Pheadra Parks (of The Real Housewives of Atlanta), Tameka Raymond (Usher’s ex-wife), the ladies of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and some others.

GL: You live in Atlanta. What brought you there?

Alex: Well, I’m from St. Louis. I love my hometown, but I’ve always wanted to live here.

GL: What are some of your other favorite places?

Alex: I love Miami, because it’s ALWAYS a good time! I love Chicago and NY.  I travel doing my makeup classes. I don’t really get to spend a lot of time seeing the city. However, all the people in the classes in the various cities receive me very well.

GL: Are there any makeup trends you follow?

Alex: My main trend will always be skin! I want everyone’s skin to look flawless. Any client that has been in my care, when they walk away, their skin is going to look dope. That’s a trend that will never go dead.

GL: Can you share your future plans? I want to have my own academy or institute. I want something like a Paul Mitchell School. I want artists to come to not only learn to do makeup, but also how to properly pack a kit, what to have on their resume/portfolio, how to act on set- just everything you need to be in this world of chaos and makeup 🙂

Check out some of her beauties below:

Rasheeda Frost on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion episode:

Phaedra Parks of Real Housewives of Atlanta in Us Weekly:

Photo courtesy of Us Weekly/Robert Ector

Karlie Redd:

Tamkeka Foster:

Beautiful Bride:

Skills & Hues!

Tasty Tuesday: Globe Cake!

So long, Ms. Stabinski (my former Earth Science teacher)!  The cake genius behind www.cakecrumbs.me created a new and highly effective tutorial of the Earth’s layers.  The crust, mantle and core have never been so sweet.  A little blue and green marshmallow fondant here, a little orange and lemon Madeira sponge cake there and voilà!  It was much more intricate than those two steps but oversimplifying the process gives us intermediate-level bakers hope for a similar outcome ;-).  She did the globe justice and gave the students a taste of the world all in one.  A+!!

Find the full set of instructions here.

Street Style Week: Cycle Chic

Cycles to Europeans are like surfboards to Californians.  A way of life.  Who needs a motor vehicle when a little foot motion can take you for a ride?  The Copenhagen-based blog, Cycle Chic, dovetails their cycling lifestyle and funky fashion, making the art of staying stylish on wheels seem effortless.  I’m taking notes.

Beyoncé’s Danish Twin

Summer MoodMinnie Mouse Nod

polka dot2A Friendly Push

good friend2

Cycle Chic in Italian Magazine, Cocun

Red Rules!

Lady in YSL

Pregnant and Still Pushing

Black is back

Masculine Pastels

Man With the Cool Bike

Colors of Copenhagen’s Latin Quater

A lazy Copenhagen SundayBrowns & Baskets

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2012 - 8144The Brains of the Operation

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2013 - 0508

All photos courtesy of copenhagencyclechic.com 🙂

Street Style Week: Backyard Bill

Urban + Upscale + Vintage + Dopeness + Self Expression + Worldwide = Street Style.  All that and more is how we identify street stylers.  Those that devote time to finding the best in the streets somehow find a way to capture faces and ensembles that keep us captivated.  This week, we’ll present to you some of our favorite street style blogs along with our favorites from their collections.

Backyard Bill is a New York-based blog that started as one in which subjects were photographed in Bill’s backyard.  Years later, he has moved from his backyard only to intertwining his subjects’ homes and environments.  With that, we have an intimate, funky, edgy array of fashionable folks.  Loves.


Lina Plioplyte – Brooklyn, NY resident/Lithuania native.

Theo Synnestvdedt – Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wesley O’Meara – New York.

Fillipa Berg – Stockholm, Sweden.


Amanda Merten – Las Vegas, NV native/Brooklyn, NY resident.

Tennessee Thomas – London, England native/East Village, NY resident.

Nienke VanHofslot – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Kelsey Lu McJunkins – North Carolina native/Brooklyn, NY resident.

All images from backyardbill.com

Independence Week: Wawa Hoagie Day

We’re two days away from America’s Independence Day!  There’s no place better to celebrate than the birthplace of our independence, Philadelphia.  This year, Wawa has taken over the city and laid out events throughout the week and called it Wawa Welcome America.  For those unfamiliar with this infamous chain, it is the staple convenience stop of the northeast.  Good for purchasing gas, coffee and their beloved hoagies.  Not a sub.  Not a hero.  A hoagie!  Today’s sponsored event was a day of their signature sandwiches.  For two hours they doled out lunch to thousands of tourists and Philadelphians.  They even provided entertainment and free entrance to the National Constitution Center to accompany the meals!  See a snippet of the fun below 🙂

O Hogie

Singing Trio Wawa Audience

J Patriotic Onyx @ Constitution

Top photo provided by Wawa.

5 Trends Under $50 For Your Getaway

Our theme for the week is Caribbean, which creates a laid-back state of mind.  But when we do island travels, we can’t get so lax that our style vacates too!  We’ve mentioned in a previous post the importance of packing light.  Now, here are five budget-friendly trends that will keep you fashionable in the sands and keep your luggage featherweight.

Getaway Collage

  1. High Waist Suit, flattering on curvy and slim figures, $45, Etsty
  2. Maxi Dress, easy breezy, $17.95, H&M
  3. Straw Sun Visor, they’re slowly making a comeback! $13.95, Surf Outlet
  4. One-Strap Flats, stylish and comfortable, $29.99, Nine West
  5. Round Frame Sunglasses, Woodstock flashback, $16.97, Asos

And wearable upon your return 😉

Wednesday Wish: Bali, Indonesia

If I had Dorythy’s ruby reds and could click my heels, without question I would go to Bali!  Skipping the 26-hour flight would put me in the best of spirits, ready to tackle one of Indonesia’s best provinces.

I’d stay at the Viceroy Bali in Ubud, where each villa is built with luxury love.

I’d surf for the first time in Padang Padang.

I’d eat all my meals off of a faux leaf.  Even if it was unhealthy, the sight of green would comfort me.

I’d make my way onstage and join these dancers:

And would not leave without shopping for signature beaded jewelry.

Somebody get me to Oz!