About Us

Three sisters born to kiss the world!


Ebony is the oldest of the trio.  Since earning her degree from the University of Pittsburgh, she has been working in communications.  She was the first to travel internationally with her high school class to Spain and a subsequent semester abroad in London.  In both the US and across the pond, she is known for being unexpectedly fearless and downright wild.  She’s the “Mikey” of the gang – she’ll eat anything.  There is no limit to her experiencing life.  With a knack for going against the grain, the shade that fits her best is Rebel by MAC.

Five Faves:

  • Delicacy: Crickets
  • Item to travel with: Beats by Dre
  • Magazine: Robb Report
  • Place Visited: Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Footwear: Chucks

OnyxIf you look up the word onyx, you will find a gemstone that is precious, unique and rare.  For middle sis, Onyx, truer words have never been spoken.  She is a rare and unique breed indeed.  Onyx is a blend of intelligence and sophistication.  Studying psychology at Hampton University has added greatly to the smarty pants that she’s become.  Though Ebony calls her a “cautious adventurer”, she is very much a social butterfly.   She believes that laughter is a way of life and that if you’re not laughing, you’re not living.  Her flirty style and upbeat personality match her Fuchsia Star  by Dior lipstick preference.

Five Faves:

  • Saturday Morning Activity: Pancake Making
  • Accessory: Sunglasses
  • Phrase: “Spare me.”
  • Place Visited: Bordeaux, France
  • Movie: Old School


A deep red hue, Moulin Rouge by Makeup Forever to be exact, can only be worn by the brave and daring – perfect for youngest sister, Jeta.  Her Temple University degrees in Public Relations and Spanish have allowed her to work in industries from event planning to entertainment to education in Spain.  She lives to take on new challenges, sights, and indulge in good food.   Her palate is very adventurous (as much as you could imagine for a pescatarian ;-)) and her hunger for new scenery has turned her into a passport stamp-chaser.  But there will always be time for Jeta to stop, smell the roses and inhale all that life has to offer.  That approach to life applies to her closet too!  Call this stylish, boho chic señorita the queen of the remix.  She knows how to take one article of clothing and create multiple fly looks.  Her creative juices and pursuit of adventure are always in overdrive!

Five Faves:

  • Vegetable: Avocado
  • Emergency Item: Emery Board
  • Print: Stripes
  • Place Visited: Iquitos, Peru
  • Board Game: Taboo

Now let’s boogie 🙂

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