Fabulous Friday!

The word fabulous is hurled at us from every direction.  Actors, singers, models, reality stars and the like all claim it as a personal trait.  Those that truly own it are full of confidence.  Fearless.  Flawed.  Fiery.  To us, each of those words is the sum total of someone that is undoubtedly fabulous!  Today, we are giving shout outs to  the confident, fabs near and far.

Absolutely Fabulous stars, Jennifer Saunders & Joanna Lumley.  Picture courtesy of Elle UK.

Editor-In-Chief of Glamour Mexico, Lucy Lara.  Picture, courtesy of latinfashionews.com

Blogger, Fashion & Lifestyle Stockist, Folake Huntoon

Blogger, Fashion & Lifestyle Stockist, Folake Huntoon.  Photo, courtesy of Style Pantry.

Nasty Gal founder/global vintage curator, Sophia Amoruso.  Photo, courtesy of Elle.

World-class model and actress, Grace Jones.

Daring songstress and Pennsylvania native (personal bias ;-)), P!nk. Picture, courtesy of MTV


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