Independence Week: Wawa Hoagie Day

We’re two days away from America’s Independence Day!  There’s no place better to celebrate than the birthplace of our independence, Philadelphia.  This year, Wawa has taken over the city and laid out events throughout the week and called it Wawa Welcome America.  For those unfamiliar with this infamous chain, it is the staple convenience stop of the northeast.  Good for purchasing gas, coffee and their beloved hoagies.  Not a sub.  Not a hero.  A hoagie!  Today’s sponsored event was a day of their signature sandwiches.  For two hours they doled out lunch to thousands of tourists and Philadelphians.  They even provided entertainment and free entrance to the National Constitution Center to accompany the meals!  See a snippet of the fun below 🙂

O Hogie

Singing Trio Wawa Audience

J Patriotic Onyx @ Constitution

Top photo provided by Wawa.

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