Snapshot Stories: French Sand Dune Triumph

In a trip to Bordeaux, France, my sister, friend and I went to climb nearby sand dunes in Arachon – a first for us all.  Expectations were more like question marks.  We hadn’t a clue what was waiting for us.  I’ve climbed pyramids and mountains.  Both were brutal.  In my head, sand should have been cake.  The incline itself was not steep but I will admit, the overall perception could have been overwhelming.  Well….one of us, who will remain unidentified, realized her paralyzing fear of heights and resisted the climb halfway through.  She would walk two or three steps then collapse screaming, “noooo, I can’t make it!”  We had to band together as we saw children and puppies speed by in order to get to the top.  But we did it!  What normally takes 5-10 minutes, took us 30-40.  A triumph indeed.  We celebrated with a victorious pose!



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