Snapshot Stories: Nearly Arrested in Frankfurt

I took a trip to Germany to see their Christmas Markets.  Day one, my friend and I stopped at McDonald’s and to my surprise there were veggie burgers on the menu.  We don’t have those here in the US.  So, like any normal person, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.  Take one was alright but the golden arches were not visible.  I needed another.  The second take, the flash went off – BIG mistake.  That resulted in two very angry employees.  The yelling ensued, “____ ____ __ ___ PHOTO!”  “Photo” was all I caught.  Noticing their aggravation, I put away my camera, expecting that to be a resolution.  Wrong.  The “___ _ __ PHOTO!” continued.  Next step was leaving the building altogether.  But their persistence saw beyond our exit.  Wearing short-sleeved shirts and no jackets, they followed us outside, continued yelling and even attempted to retrieve my camera!  Talk about relentless.  This situation almost took a turn for the worst.  Finally, my friend ended it in three words, “us…train…go.”  Magically, it worked.  But so much for being able to use their bathroom.

Here’s take one, where I should have stopped!

Frankfurt Burger

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