How to Travel With Just A Carry-On

     When it comes to smart traveling, flight attendants do it best.  It’s a part of their job requirements!  Packing is where it starts.  Before they embark on a new trail, first is fitting all their necessities in some of the tiniest luggage imaginable.  We can certainly achieve the same.

   US Airlines recently racked up about $3.5 billion in baggage fees.  A great way to effectively travel is to think like a flight attendant and take only a carry-on.  Aside from not having to pay for checked luggage, you will navigate the airport quicker and you will look fresher when getting off the flight because you have no extra baggage weighing you down.  It might sound rough, but you can do it!!!  Here’s how:

1.  Make your airport outfit count.  Most of us aren’t traveling in uniform but we can still stick to some loose “regulations”.  Set aside your bulkiest items to wear on board to save space.  Preferably a sweater or jacket that can be worn with multiple looks. ***Even if you are traveling to a warm climate, bring a light jacket.  The airport, plane or even your destination may be cooler than you anticipate.***

Airport outfit

2.  Only use travel-size toiletries.  Not only are they acceptable when going through security checks, but they can last your entire trip (and beyond).  To save time, keep a small ready-to-roll bag of toiletries in your travel bag, even when it’s not in use.  That will be one less thing you have to worry about gathering.


In bag: toothpaste, lotion, perfume, face wash, body wash, sun block

3. When packing, roll (instead of fold) your clothes to maximize space in your carry-on.

Tootsie Roll

4.  Bring versatile articles (see above).  You can mix and match your way through a week-long vacation with a minimal number of pieces.  Pack solid-colored separates and a splash of prints here and there.  Now that we’re in the summer, maxi dresses can be one of your easiest pieces to work with and some are appropriate for day and night!  For you ladies that plan to hit the town in fierce heels, bring a  pair that can be worn with all your fabulous stylings.


^^Heels I wear with everything!^^

5.  Pack with a plan!  Plan your wardrobe and stick to bringing what you know you will wear.  When you think back on your travels, how much of what you’ve packed have you actually worn? Cutting back and strategizing can save you money!  Start out by packing what you “think” you will need and then remove 5-7 unnecessary articles.

Ta daa

Carry-on only….mission accomplished!

Remember: You can travel with two carry-on items; a small piece of luggage and a personal item. If you need a little more space than the carry-on, bring a weekend bag that can house your overflow items.  Be sure to have enough space available in your second bag in case you have to put your purse inside.  Many airlines count purses and laptop bags as additional pieces and will force you to check one 😦

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