Travel Tip Week: Finding the Flight

The busiest travel season will be here in a jiffy.  Going on a trip is always exciting but the planning stages can make you go berserk.  This week, we’ll give you tips to feel less of this:

And more of this throughout the entire process:

1.  After you’ve selected your destination, next is pricing tickets.  The best flight purchasing sights are constantly rotating but at the moment, our favorite is  It includes a greater number of flight combinations, allows you to search with a map (if you want to close your eyes and point to choose your next destination) and most importantly, provides the cheapest results.  Once you have found the right itinerary, purchase the ticket from the airline’s website if it is the same price.  The reason for this is, if you must change your travel arrangements, going through the airline is easier and incurs fewer fees.

2.  When choosing departure and return dates, be as flexible as possible.  The cheapest days to fly out are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  And booking a ticket for a full week is less than a ticket that is for a few days.

3.  Fly into nearby airports to save money.  If there is one that is a short ride away from your destination, you could spend up to $200 less on your ticket.

4.  The best day to book a flight is Wednesday.  Prices are significantly higher on the weekends and decrease midweek.

5.  Social media stalk airlines!  They often announce sales and promotional codes via Twitter and Facebook.

6.  Just do it!  If you find what works for you, act fast.  Don’t wait until something better is available because that may not happen.  Nothing is worse than having the perfect itinerary at your fingertips, then it seeing it vanish.

Happy hunting 🙂

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