Pinky Rings, Grillz and Chainz. Oh Boy!

Men love their jewelry just as much as women!  Or more?

“The boss” always makes sure he wears at least one necklace.


If you’re living in the dirty south, you know that a man is never fully dressed without his smile….and gangsta grillz!


A true roadway manager is incomplete without his signature piece….his pinky ring!

Big Pimpin

Every king has got to have some bling bling. How else will everyone know he’s the king??

King P

Princes too.

And if you are the Godfather and are so kind to allow someone to make amends…

The love of jewelry could grow so much, a man might incorporate it into his stage name.  2 CHAAAAINZ!!!

Some men want it simply to complete their swag.

Bling 😉

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