Sevilla Feria Week: Styling Step by Step

A model presents a creation from Vicky Martin Berrocal during the International Flamenco Fashion Show in Seville

Ruffles are in this season but they’re a way of life for all women of feria.  The dress…it’s all about the dress.  They can cost as much as €800 (over $1,000).  And the key to making it pop is all in the appropriate accessories and voila, look completed.

Start with a dress, full of volantes (ruffles), colors and often printed with lunares (polka dots).

Trajes_de_flamenca Cuatro

Then top it off with a flowing pañuelo (shawl).


To match, find a big and bold flor (flower).

Traje Head Piece

Next, earrings.  Plastic hoops are popular.  The fancy folks may opt for sparkles.

Feria Pendientes

^^ notice the rebujito they’re drinking ^^

And finally, shoes.  Kitty one-strap heels are very traditional.  And functional for those that need to last until 6am!

Feria Calzado

….and for those of us that don’t have the head-to-toe gear but still want to look festive.  Anything colorful wins!


Happy Friday!


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