Cherry Blossom Festival Week

Japanese Tea House

Spring is officially here (yessssss!).  The air is different, along with the shades of nature.  ‘Tis the season of outdoor events.  Right on time is the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  Cherry Blossoms are highly regarded in Japanese culture and were gifted to many nations as a token of friendship.  In the US, they were primarily planted in Manhattan, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and San Diego.  Now that they’re in full bloom, it’s time to relish in their pops of pale pink.  The festivals are full of cultural insight – much more than flowers.  They exhibit everything from tea ceremonies to kimonos.  But for now, here are shots of the flowers themselves in the few cities fortunate enough to be home to their roots.

Central Park, NY

Central Park, NY

New Jersey


Washington D.C.

San Diego

Wherever you are, take a moment to stop and smell the florals 😉


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