Music Week: Hip Hop Obsession in Japan

Today, I was so ready to insert  a Throwback Thursday musical tribute.  But out popped this video…oh this video.  I’ll let you watch then give my opinion.


Black Lifestyle!!!

Initially, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  Then, I didn’t know what to feel.  Should I be flattered?  Should I stage an intervention for the B-Gyaru girls (j/k)?  Is this stereotype insulting?  Finally, I had to say, “whatever makes you happy…”  They’re following a trend, as many of us do and some of them wear it well.  I don’t find it insulting.  Hip Hop/R&B are widely known genres of music and in some countries, stand as the only perception its inhabitants have of Black culture.  Apart from that, one short video is never enough to formulate an educated opinion on any subject.  I would love to hear from anyone that has more first-hand knowledge of the ‘Black/B-Gyaru Lifestyle’.  Please comment if you do!  Thanks 🙂

2 thoughts on “Music Week: Hip Hop Obsession in Japan

  1. Woooow, from what I’ve heard about Japan, hip hop has changed the game quite a bit. I’ll take that as a plus. I want to go there just to get a taste of their new found love lol.

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