Lipstick Movement: Style Network’s Salaam Coleman Smith

        In an industry that tends to follow set trends, Salaam Coleman Smith, President of Style Network, is establishing her own media paradigm.  Responsible for rebranding the network, she has created a station that embraces diversity, real women and an unquenchable thirst for all facets of style.  Within six years of her as chief, Style Network reached its highest viewership and is now a global brand, having channels in Australia and the UK.

        Although Coleman Smith studied engineering, she only spent one year in that field, then jetted to chase her passion in entertainment.  Determination will forever be key in one’s pursuit of fulfillment.  I respect all professionals that take a leap of faith and discover their personal legend.  Along the way, she has also worked with various charities and and non-profit organizations.  She’s a global woman doing it all and doing in style.  Work!

Style Logo

Photo credit:, Style Network

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