Fiesta Friday: Venice, Italy Carnival!

Andiamo!  Carnevale di Venezia, the original masquerade ball, is upon us.  While this was once an occasion to indulge in sinister acts anonymously, it has evolved into a notorious celebration aimed more at creative expression and cultural enjoyment.  So, how do Venetians spend their days during the annual fest?  Concerts, burlesque shows, renaissance dance lessons, galas and the like are constant.  However, one doesn’t need any reservations to witness the glamour that is a typical costume and mask.  From the early rise until the shining of the stars, all it takes is a walk to Piazza San Marco (or a general stroll past any canal) to see countless elaborate disguises.  Some of which are priced upwards of €3,000.  Tis the season!  The party will continue until Valentine’s Day.  There’s still time to join the fun.  If not now, plan to arrive next year, two weeks before Ash Wednesday.  Don’t forget your Phantom of the Opera get-up!

Photo credit:,, Yen Baet,,


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