Art Week: Erté

Erté Name

Erté.  Where to begin?  He is one of the Godfathers of Art Deco.  His Russian upbringing mixed with his residency in Paris spawned an artistic genius.  Every stroke of each painting radiated with elegance and commanded attention.  His creations graced covers of Harper’s Bazar and appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and a host of additional publications.  Erté’s flexible hands gave way to a career that spanned decades and begat more than paintings.  He designed theatre sets and costumes, made wearable art and designed apparel for prestigious entertainers.  I have not encountered an Erté design that I dislike, which made choosing a selection extremely difficult.  All are wonders.

Erté.  A dónde empiezo?  Es un padrino de la época de Arte Deco.  Su crianza rusa mezclada con su residencia en  retrato emitió elegancia y comandó atención.  Sus creaciones adornaron las portadas de Harper’z Bazar y aparecieron en Vogue, Cosmopolitan y otras publicicaciones.  Las manos flexibles de Erté le permitieron tener una carera que duró muchas décadas y creó más que retratos.  Él diseñó escenas disfraces del teatro, hizo arte para llevar y diseñó ropa para artistas prestigiosos.  No he visto ningun diseñó de Erté que no me gusta.  Por eso fue tan difícil eligir una seleción para incluir.  Todos son especiales


Symphony in White

Harper’s Bazar Cover





Charleston Couple

Art Week: Frida Kahlo & María Izquierdo…Continued

El Alhajero

María Izquierdo´s painting, El Alhajero (The Jewelry Box), is somewhat of a satire of expectations of females in the early 1900´s.  Here, the ¨femenine¨ objects that are present are: a feathered hat, a parasol, a high-heeled shoe, a pearl necklace, a pair of elongated white gloves, a fancy fan, a lace-trimmed red dress and of course, a jewelry box.  All are thrown over a wooden chair.  Seems to me that she wants to retire the boxed perception of how women should be and end the objectification.  At first glance, this piece appears to smile and nod, as women were expected to do.  But in reality it is rebelling and symbolizes self-discovery.

Thanks to women like Frida Kahlo and María Izquierdo, these objecst are now more of an option than a requirement.

El retrato de María Izquierdo, El Alhajero, es una sátira de las expectativas de las mujeres del siglo veinte.  Los objetos “femeninos” que se presentan son: un sombrero con una pluma, un parasol, un zapato de tacón alto, un collar de perla, un abanico sofisticado, un par de guantes blancos largos, un vestido rojo de encaje y por supuesto, un alhajera.  Todas las cosas son tiradas por la silla de madera.  Me parece que ella quiere jublilar la percepción encajada de lo que era aceptable de mujeres y terminar la objetivación.  A primera vista, el retrato aparece que sonríe y asiente con la cabeza.   En realidad, está rebelándose y simboliza autoconocimiento. 

Gracias a las mujeres como Frida Kahlo y María Izquierdo, objectos así ya no son requisitos, sino opciones.

Art Week: Frida Kahlo & María Izquierdo


Welcome to Art Week!  We’ll begin with two icons of Mexican art history: Frida Kahlo and María Izquierdo.  Each is from the age of surrealism but did not always classify themselves as surrealists.  Each created pivotal pieces that spoke for women but neither set out to do “feminist” art.  Each has a bevy of impressionable work that responded to their experiences as women and is still as strong today as it was decades ago.

Bienvenidos a la Semana del Arte!  Comenzamos con dos iconas de la historia del arte mexicano: Frida Kahlo y María Izquierdo.  Cada mujer es de la época de surrealismo pero no siempre se clasificaba si misma como surrealista.  Cada mujer creó retratos pivotales que hablaban por las mujeres pero ninguna intentó hacer arte “feminista”.  Cada mujer tiene un grupo de trabajo impresionante que respondió a su propias experiencias como mujeres y la fuerza hoy es igual de la fuerza de hace décadas.

El Abrazo de Amor del universo, La Tierra, Frida Kahlo

El Abrazo de Amor del Universo, La Tierra (The Loving Embrace of the Universe, the Earth) is a painting of many dimensions.  To the left you see night and to the right you see day.  Both hands of night and day are embracing Earth, which is embracing Frida as she cradles an oversized infant with a face that resembles her husband’s, Diego Rivera.  Countless is the amount of ways this can be interpreted (as with all art).  My interpretation (albeit, an amateur one) is lengthy but boils down to her relying on a multitude of forces to survive.  Her tumultous marriage, her hospital bouts, her infertility were all situations that could have caused her to crumble.  However, the loving embrace of the universe nurtures her.

El Abrazo de Amor del Universo, La Tierra es un retrato de muchas dimensiones.  A la izquierda se ve la noche y a la derecha se ve el día.  Las manos de la noche y del día están abrazando la tierra, que está abrazando Frida, quien está acunando un infante super grande que parece de su marido, Diego Rivera.  No so puede contar el número de interpretaciones de este retrato (como todo el arte).  Mi interpretación es larga pero en breve, ella confía en una multitud de fuerzas para sobrevivir.  Su tumultuoso matrimonio, sus episodios en el hospital, su infertilidad fueron situaciones que pudieran resultado en una vida miserable.  Sin embargo, el abrazo de amor del universo se la cuida.

Well…this was longer than the usual.  María Izquierdo coming right up in Part II!

A continuacción…

Chocolate Shoe Bites

Choco Shoes

Who cares if Valentine’s Day has passed?  This upscale chocolate collection was made specially for the lovers’ holiday but is fit for any day.  Mexican “chocolatera”, Andrea Pedraza, titillated taste buds and catwalks in one.  Her handmade creations are made of Belgian chocolate and a cup of love.  To no surprise, her most popular designs are those of Christian Louboutin.  The good news for us that are stateside is that they’re sold north of the border at CocoAndré in Dallas, TX, where she is the Master Chocolatier (yes, also available for purchase online!).  The not so good news (for me, anyway) is that I’d probably be too stuck in a state of adoration to ever bite it.  Congratulations to Ms. Pedraza on her tasty chic sweets.

La Artista


Les Louboutins

Mexicana crea zapatos de tacón de chocolate

Shoe Week’s Common Thread

Of all of shoe week’s posts, there seems to be one variable that ties them all together.  Let’s see.  We started with a quirky design, then moved to New York Fashion Week, Manolo Blahnik received an ode and there was a mention of leather slippers.  All signs lead to NY’s own that has made much shoe statement history. The one, the only….MISS CARRIE BRADSHAW!! Her shoes are as much a part of her as her writing (that’s why she’s a friend in my head 🙂 ).

Whether she’s taking a casual stroll through NYC,


meeting with an ex in Abu Dhabi,


buying local goods,


or simply wearing a show-stopping pair of gold Christian Louboutins to turn heads wherever she struts,CarrieMiss Carrie keeps her looks versatile and unique.  She uses retail therapy to feed her soul….and her sole.  Looks like she’s well-nourished on both ends.

Wooden Clogs & Leather Slippers

Nederland  Maroc

The Netherlands is to clogs as Morocco is to leather slippers.  Dutch clogs are traditional symbols (and still used by some), while Moroccan slippers are functional – worn daily by both men and women.  The two can be found in various parts of the world.  I’m all for both!



(above & below photo credit to

The Clothes Whisperer: the fashion blog with wit that sparkles: The Way We Wore: The Spoils of the Souks, Marrakech-May 7, 2011

Te Queremos, Manolo Blahnik.


The following is an ode to the Spanish designer, Manolo Blahnik.  It’s written on behalf of anyone that wants, owns or can appreciate a pair of stems with a fit that’s just right.

The sleek material fits tightly around the firm and supple wood which stands 6 inches erect. Each glance gets me more and more excited with anticipation.  I’m filled with the intoxicating allure of having it wrapped around the sexist part of my body: my foot!  This beautiful man named Manolo Blahnik knows how to give me exactly what I desire and how to make me feel desirable. When I’m standing low, he elevates me. When I feel out-dated, he reminds me that vintage is always in style.  Gaining attention is never a question when Mr. Blahnik’s in the room; the way he flirtatiously hugs my arches is magnificent.  The lengths of which his efforts satisfy my tippy-toed needs know no bounds.  Whether it be making me look pretty in pink or strong in gladiators, he gives it to me the way I love it.

Gracias por los zapatos perfectos!

“Shoes? I know…”

New York Fashion Week Shoelights


Yes, oh yes, a week of shoes is not complete without including some of NYFW’s finest.  Here goes!

We love you, Mary Jane.
Polka Dots & Bright Legwear
Street Style
Shoes of Fashion: Fashion Week 2013
It’s black.  It’s white.  Alright.
One strap says it all.
Yes, please.
Alexander McQueen Booties
New York Fashion Week Trend
Art imitating life.
Laced Over-the-Knee Boots
The list goes on…