Wanderlust Tuesday: Igloo Village, Finland

Finnish Igloo

Now is the perfect time to experience the Scandinavian winter.  The most appropriate and out-of-the-hotel-box stay appears to be in an igloo, among the harmless huskies.  A village within a village, these spiffy domes are located at a resort called Hotel Kakslauttanen in Saariselkä, Finland.  Options are plentiful to create lasting memories in the snow.  Some more daring than others.

Dream in a zebra-themed glass igloo.

Finland Room

Dine in the Snow Restaurant.

Finland Snow RestaurantTake a dive in ice.

Finnish Ice Swimmers

Meet the Sami, a Northern European indigenous population, and reindeer.

Finnish Sami

Go ice karting.

Finland Ice KartingExplore the snow safari via snowmobile.Finland Snowmobile

Get hitched! finnish Wedding


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Tuesday: Igloo Village, Finland

  1. Wooow, this place makes me want to actually travel somewhere cold! Zebra themed rooms, ice karting (which I haven’t done, but would love to), AND real reindeer….SIGN ME UP!!

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