Golden Globes, the Perfect Square One!


Pow isn’t the word to describe the awards.  Bam blam ker-bam, diggity diggity dong.  I’ll dedicate that to the cast and crew of HBO’s original series, “GIRLS”.  I began watching during my downtime in Spain.  Wait, can I call it downtime if watching almost made me late for work?  Sorry, each Monday I had something to look forward to (I had to tune in a day late due to the time difference) and couldn’t wait until I returned to my flat.  I’m babbling – happens all too often.  So, GIRLS.  Congratulations on taking home two Golden trophies!    With her raw approach, the creator, Lena Dunham, is the embodiment of a taste-maker and trendsetter for all us onlookers ’round the globe.  Not to mention, each time she speaks, I learn a new word.  Today’s was flaccid.  Keep ’em coming, Lena!  The vocabulary droplets and the laugh out loud scripts.  Congratulations to the rest of the Golden Globe winners and fashion hits.  Some of my favourite looks were Taylor Swift, Heidi Klum (Ms. Al Vida Zein) and Kate Hudson.

Until the next global entry.  Ciao 😉

**All 4**


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